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Biochemistry of Epigenetic Inheritance
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Research unit director
Nicole J. Francis, PhD
Research unit Director

Célia Alecki, PhD
Doctorate student
Potential targeting of PcG proteins by R-loops
PRE are transcribed into ncRNA and there are supposed to regulate gene transcription before PcG proteins action. One way for ncRNA to silent or activate genes before action of PcG proteins, is by the formation of an R-loop. I’m studying the potential targeting of PcG proteins by R- loop using in vitro and in vivo systems.
Fate of PcG proteins on PRE engaged in long range interaction through DNA replication
It has been shown that PRC1 can remain bound to DNA and chromatin through DNA replication. Long range interaction could contribute to propagation of chromatin state through DNA replication. Using in vitro experiments, I am studying how long range interaction could contribute to persistence of PcG proteins through DNA replication.

Hannah Cho, BSc

Intern (BSc)
                                 DAPI stain of chromosomes         Anti-posterior sex combs

I am entering my final year of the Honours Biology & Pharmacology Coop program at McMaster University. For my undergraduate thesis project, I am excited to be developing an RNA interference (RNAi) screen of ~115 genes in Drosophila to investigate the effects of Polycomb group (PcG) protein binding to chromatin across the cell cycle. Once I have optimized the parameters for immunofluorescence and RNAi, I will be using a high throughput screening microscope to collect images and MetaXpress to analyze the acquired data. I will also be validating candidate factors identified in the screen by investigating its effects on PcG protein binding in mitosis.
These are some of the images I acquired during the initial optimization steps (note that the mitotic chromosomes are the collections of small dots!).

Elias Seif, PhD
Research Associate


Debasmita Basu, MSc
Christine Münger, MSc
Masud Masuduzzaman (Rana), BSc
Nazar Mashtalir, PhD
Serene Xu, undergraduate (McGill)
Joseph Yang, undergraduate (McGill)

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