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In our laboratory we predominately use the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model system to study the dynamics of association and dissociation of pre-ribosome components in order to understand the nature of their assembly and the underlying control mechanisms that contribute to the maturation of pre-ribosomes. We apply proteomic and RNomic methods that allow for fast isolation of RNP complexes and the study of dynamic rearrangements of RNP components to study spatial and temporal changes during ribosome maturation as well as protein and RNA interactions within these complexes. These methods are combined with computational modeling to establish a “dynamic high-resolution morphology” map of ribosome assembly. Such a map will be a step towards a greater understanding of the ribosome biogenesis pathway, as well as its links to other cellular pathways, particular cell division. Moreover, it will serve as a model system to establish methods and strategies to study the dynamics of macromolecular pathways.

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