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Home > Molecular Immunology > Publications
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Selected Publications

Gu, H., Marth, J., Orban, P., Mossmann, H., Rajewsky, K.: Deletion of a DNA polymerase B gene segment in T cells using cell-type specific gene targeting. Science 265: 103, 1994. (Highlighted in Science News and View, 1994).

Naramura, M., Kole, H. K., Hu, R-J and Gu, H.: Altered thymic positive selection and interacellular signals in Cbl-deficient mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 95: 15547-15552, 1998.

Chiang, Y. J., Kole, H. K., Brown, K., Naramura, M., Fukuhara, S., Hu, R-J., Jang, I. K., Gutkind, J. S., Schevach, E. and Gu, H. Cbl-b regulates the CD28 dependence of T cell activation. Nature 403:216-220, 2000.

Naramura, M., Jang, I. K., Kole, H. K., Huang, F., Haines, D. and Gu, H. Cbl and Cbl-b regulate T cell responsiveness through promoting ligand-induced TCR downmodulation. Nature Immunol. 3:1192-1199, 2002.

Huang, H., Kitaura, Y., Jang, I. k., Naramura M., Kole, K. H., Liu, L., Qin, H. Y., Schlissel, M. S., and Gu, H. Establishment of MHC-dependent development of CD4+ and CD8+ T-Cells by the Cbl family proteins. Immunity 25:571-582. 2006.

Yasuyuki, K., Jang, I. K., Wang, Y., Han, Y.-C., Hardy, R. R., and Gu, H. Control of the B cell-intrinsic tolerance program by Ubiquitin ligases c-Cbl and Cbl-b. Immunity 26: 567-578. 2007.

Chiang, J. Y., Jang, I. K., Hodes, R., and Gu, H. Ablation of Cbl-b provides protection against implanted and spontaneous tumors. J. Clin. Invest. 117: 1029-1036, 2007. (Highlighted in Nature Review Immunology and Nature Review Cancer, 2007).

Jang, IK., Chiang, YJ., Kole, HK., Hayman, JR., Cronshaw, DG, Zou, YZ, and Gu, H. Grb2 functions at the top of the TCR-induced tyrosine kinase cascade to control thymic selection. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 107:10620-10625, 2010.

Han, Y-C., Park, C., Bhagat, G., Zhang, J. P., Wang, Y.L., Fan, J. B., Liu, M. F., Zou, Y. R., Weissman, I., and Gu, H. MicroRNA miR29a regulates self-renewal of hematopoietic and myeloid leukemia stem cells. J. Exp. Medicine 207:475-489, 2010.

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