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We deeply regret to inform you of the passing of Cheolho Cheong, on April 24, 2016. For more information, please refer to the death notice.

Dr. Cheolho Cheong’s laboratory at the IRCM researched the biology of dendritic cells, with a special focus on host-pathogen interactions (non-sterile) and sterile inflammation (atherosclerosis, autoimmunity and cancer) mediated by monocyte-derived DCs (moDCs).

MoDCs are now starting to be recognized in the immunology field after Dr. Cheong’s discovery (Cell 2010). In addition, he had acquired essential methodologies of modern DC biology and had become familiar with many immunological assays. The proposed study in his research plan, generating genetic tools for MoDCs, would have been widely used in the field.

Moreover, in contrast to mouse DC biology, which has mainly focused on lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissue DCs, human DC biology, with easy access to blood monocytes, has been mainly explored in the context of MoDCs in vitro. Dr. Cheong would have pursued MoDC biology of human and SCID-hu mouse (BLT) model in vivo. As he was starting to uncover the in vivo pathway of MoDC generation in mice, Dr. Cheong believed that understanding MoDCs in mice will shed light on the human MoDCs, and would allow him, and the scientific community, to assess their clinical importance in infection, inflammation, autoimmunity, and cancer.

Research projects

  1. Mouse genetic models to manipulate monocyte-derived DCs in vivo
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  2. What are the mechanistic functions of cDCs and moDCs in the aorta, in steady state and during development of atherosclerosis?
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  3. How mouse counterparts of human DC subsets could be studied in steady and inflammatory states?
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