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S.D. PRAKTIKNJO, S. PICARD, C.F DESCHEPPER.  Comparisons of chromosome Y-substituted mouse strains reveal that the male-specific chromosome modulates the effects of androgens on cardiac functions. Biology of Sex Diff.  In press (2016) doi: 10.1186/s13293-016-0116-4

S. JEIDANE, M.P. SCOTT-BOYER, N. TREMBLAY, S. CARDIN, S. PICARD, M. BARIL, D. LAMARRE, C.F. DESCHEPPER.  Association of a network of interferon-stimulated genes with a locus encoding a negative regulator of non-conventional IKK kinases and IFNB1. Cell Reports, 17: 425-435 (2016) doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.09.009 PubMed

J.W. PROKOP, C.F. DESCHEPPER.  Chromosome Y genetic variants: impact in animal models and on human disease. Physiol. Genomics, 47: 525–537, 2015. doi: 10.1152/physiolgenomics.00074.2015 PubMed

S. CARDIN, M.P. SCOTT-BOYER, S. PRAKTIKNJO, S. JEIDANE, PICARD, S., T.L. REUDELHUBER, C.F. DESCHEPPER.  Differences in cell-type-specific responses to angiotensin II explain cardiac remodeling differences in C57BL/6 mouse substrains. Hypertension. 64(5):1040-6, 2014. doi: 10.1161/HYPERTENSIONAHA.114.04067. PMID: 25069667 PubMed

MP SCOTT-BOYER, S.D. PRAKTIKNJO, B. LLAMAS, S. PICARD, C.F. DESCHEPPER.  Dual linkage of a locus to left ventricular mass and a cardiac gene co-expression network driven by a chromosome domain. Front. Cardiovasc. Med., vol.1: article 11, 2014.  doi: 10.3389/fcvm.00011 PubMed

MP SCOTT-BOYER, C.F. DESCHEPPER.  Genome-wide detection of gene co-expression domains showing linkage to regions enriched with polymorphic retrotransposons in recombinant inbred mouse strains. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics. 3: 597-605, 2013.  doi: 10.1534/g3.113.005546 / PMID: 23550129 PubMed

S.D. PRAKTIKNJO, B. LLAMAS, M.P. SCOTT-BOYER, S. PICARD, F. ROBERT, D. LANGLAIS, B. HAIBE-KAINS, D. FAUBERT, D.W. SILVERSIDES, C.F. DESCHEPPER.  Novel effects of chromosome Y on cardiac regulation, chromatin remodeling and neonatal programming. Endocrinology 154:4746-56, 2013.  doi:10.1210/en.2013-1699 / PMID: 24105479 PubMed

MP SCOTT BOYER, B. HAIBE-KAINS, C.F. DESCHEPPER.  Network statistics of genetically-driven gene co-expression modules in mouse crosses. Front. Genet. 4:291, 2013.  doi: 10.3389/fgene.2013.00291 / PMID: 24421784 PubMed

B. LLAMAS, R. VERDUGO, G.A. CHURCHILL and C.F. DESCHEPPER.  Chromosome Y variants from different mouse inbred strains are linked to differences in the morphologic and molecular responses of cardiac cells to postpubertal testosterone. BMC Genomics, 10: 150, 2009 PubMed

LLAMAS B, BÉLANGER S., PICARD S., and DESCHEPPER CF.  Cardiac mass and cardiomyocyte size are governed by different genetic loci on either autosomes or chromosome Y in mice. Physiol. Genomics, 31: 176–182, 2007 PubMed

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