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C.F. DESCHEPPER, S. MASCIOTRA, A. ZAHABI, I. BOUTIN-GANACHE, S. PICARD and T.L. REUDELHUBER. Functional alterations of the Nppa promoter are linked to cardiac ventricular hypertrophy in WKY/WKHA rat crosses. Circ. Res. 88:222-227, 2001. PubMed

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A. ZAHABNI, S. PICARD, N. FORTIN, T.L. REUDELHUBER, C.F. DESCHEPPER. Expression of constitutively active guanylate cyclase in cardiomyocytes inhibits the hypertrophic effects of isoproterenol and aortic constriction on mouse hearts. J. Biol. Chem. 278:47694-47699, 2003. PubMed

C. F. DESCHEPPER, J. L. OLSON, M. OTIS, N. GALLO-PAYET. Morphologic phenotyping of cardiovascular-related organs in 13 different inbred mouse strains. J. Applied Physiol., 97:369-376, 2004. PubMed

E. SOUZEAU, S. BELANGER, S. PICARD and C.F. DESCHEPPER. Dietary isoflavones during pregnancy and lactation provide cardioprotection to offspring rats in adulthood. Am. J. Physiol., 289:H715-721, 2005. PubMed

C.F. DESCHEPPER. The cardiac antihypertrophic effects of cyclic GMP-generating agents: an experimental framework for novel treatments of left ventricular remodeling. Vasc. Dis. Prevention 2: 151-157, 2005.

B. LLAMAS, Z. JIANG, M.-L. RAINVILLE and C.F. DESCHEPPER. Distinct QTL are linked to cardiac left ventricular mass in a sex-specific manner in a normotensive inbred rat intercross. Mamm. Genome 16: 700-711, 2005. PubMed

E. SOUZEAU, B. LLAMAS, S. BÉLANGER, S. PICARD, and C.F. DESCHEPPER. A genetic locus accentuates the effect of volume overload on adverse left ventricular remodeling in male and female rats. Hypertension, 47:128-133, 2006. PubMed

B. LLAMAS, C. LAU, W.A. CUPPLES, M.L. RAINVILLE, E. SOUZEAU and C.F. DESCHEPPER. Genetic determinants of systolic and pulse pressure in an intercross between normotensive inbred rats. Hypertension, 48:921-926, 2006. PubMed

M. MARCIL, A. ASCAH, S. BÉLANGER, C.F. DESCHEPPER and Y. BURELLE. Compensated chronic volume overload increases the vulnerability of cardiac mitochondria without affecting their functions under basal stress-free conditions. J.Mol.Cell.Cardiol., 41:998-1009, 2006. PubMed

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M. KHAIRALLAH, R. KHAIRALLAH, M.E. YOUNG, B.G. ALLEN, M.A. GILLIS, G. DANIALOU, C.F. DESCHEPPER, B.J. PETROF, C. DES ROSIERS. Sildenafil and cardiomyocyte-specific cGMP signaling prevent cardiomyopathic changes associated with dystrophin deficiency.  Proc. Natl. Ac. Sci., 105:7028-33, 2008. PubMed

B. LLAMAS, R. VERDUGO, G.A. CHURCHILL and C.F. DESCHEPPER. Chromosome Y variants from different mouse inbred strains are linked to differences in the morphologic and molecular responses of cardiac cells to postpubertal testosterone. BMC Genomics, 10: 150, 2009. PubMed

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