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Home > Biochemical Neuroendocrinology > Available positions
Available positions

Research Assistant position, Biochemical Neuroendocrinology laboratory

Dr. Nabil G. Seidahs laboratory is looking for a key person to fill the position of a senior Research Assistant in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (minimum of 10 years of experience in the last decade) to perform various duties in the laboratory and to help and train more than a dozen French or English users such as graduate students, post-docs, etc.

For details about ongoing research programs, such as those concerning the study of PCSK9 in the cardiovascular area, please refer to the team’s most recent articles or to the research unit’s website.

Summary of responsibilities

  • To generate numerous cDNA constructs of proprotein convertases in mammalian expression vectors and their substrates/targets as well as the generation of various mutants by site-directed mutagenesis.
  • A good understanding and experience in the handling of expression vectors with different "tags" such as EGFP, V5, HA, etc., as well as PCR, computer tools, DNA sequence analysis, and ELISA are required.
  • The successful candidate will be responsible for the effective management of the laboratory, and multiple constructs, as well as cloning and production of DNA plasmids.
  • To be able to create or adapt to new technologies reported in the literature would be highly valuable.
  • A good proven organizational capacity is essential, as well as the ability to classify samples and store them in appropriate computer directories, in order to effectively respond to various requests and to collaborate with external collaborators.
  • The person will also be in charge of the supervision of the lab equipment and sample users, the smooth functioning of the lab, the management of the orders and specialized equipments as well as their maintenance. An appropriate knowledge of the available products on the market is an advantage.

Job requirements

  • M. Sc. or more in molecular biology, biochemistry or microbiology.
  • Working experience of at least 10 years is essential.
  • Excellent communication in French and English (oral and written).

How to apply
Send your resume with contact information and at least two recommendation letters by email to:

Dr. Nabil G. Seidah, Director
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM) / Montreal Clinical Research Institute
110 avenue des Pins Ouest
Montréal (QC)
Canada  H2W 1R7

And to Ms. Brigitte Mary:

The interviews will start on May 1st, 2017. The selected candidate would start working by June 1st, 2017.


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