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Biochemical Neuroendocrinology
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Home > Biochemical Neuroendocrinology
Biochemical Neuroendocrinology

This group’s research focuses on a family of eight mammalian Proprotein convertases (PCs) and a metalloendopeptidase, NRDc. While serine proteinases are largely responsible for activating precursors of hormones, enzymes, growth and transcription factors, receptors, as well as envelope proteins of infectious viruses and bacteria, NRDc plays an important role in the cytosol and at the cell surface. Researchers on this team seek to define the mechanisms of action of these enzymes and their regulation, to isolate and produce specific inhibitors, and to determine the physiological roles of these enzymes and their clinical implications. In their work, they make use of novel techniques involving protein and peptide biochemistry, enzymology, molecular and cellular biology, affinity purification, proteomics as well as transgenic and knock-out mice.

Reseach activity
This program deals with the in depth study of the proprotein convertases and their roles in vivo and implication in pathologies, e.g., hypercholesterolemia, cancer , neurodegenerative diseases,and viral infections.

Three major aims:

  • The structure-function of the convertases and their cellular biology
  • The biological functions of PCSK9
  • Implication of the convertases in dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disorders, proliferative, neurodegenerative diseases and viral infections
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