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Research unit director

Karen Oh, M.Sc., Research Assistant 
Karen earned her Master's degree in Hans Zingg's lab at McGill University. She is working hard to keep the lab functioning, and is studying the regulation of Slik kinase.



Dagmar Neubueser, PhD, Research Assistant
Dagmar earned her Ph.D. in Steve Cohen's lab at EMBL in Germany, where she studied the developmental function of a nuclear zinc-finger protein involved in steroid hormone biosynthesis in Drosophila. She is currently studying Drak kinase and its role in tissue morphogenesis.


Shuofei Cheng, PhD Student
Shuofei did her Diplom research at Freiburg University in Germany. She worked in the laboratory of Dr. Annette Neubueser, where she studied the role of FGF growth factors in craniofacial development of both chick and mouse. Her current project focuses on the genetic analysis of Gprk2 and its role in Hedghog signaling.


Dominic Maier, PhD Student
Dominic received his Diplom in Microbiology from Freiburg University in Germany. His thesis work was on the biochemistry of carotenoid biosynthesis, with Doctor Salim Al Babili. He is currently working on the biochemical analysis of Gprk2


Samuel Sigere, Research Fellow
Samuel is an undergraduate student at McGill. He has been working to develop methodology for time-lapse imaging of embryonic development by confocal microscopy

Research Assistant
Gregory Cormack

Postdoctoral Trainee
Nathalie Delaunay

M.Sc. Student
Nicolas Garnier

Summer Students
Amin Osmani
Jordan Littman
Sébastien Langlois

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