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Selected publications
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V. Leung, A. Iliescu, C. Jolicoeur, M. Gravel, S. Apuzzo, E. Torban, M. Cayouette,  and P. Gros (2015). The planar cell polarity protein Vangl2 is required for retinal axon guidance. Dev Neurobiol. doi: 10.1002/dneu.22305.

P. Mattar, J. Ericson, S. Blackshaw, and M. Cayouette (2015). A conserved regulatory logic controls temporal identity in mouse neural progenitors. Neuron, 85(3): 497-504. [Highlighted in a Preview: Neuron, 85(3): 447-449].

S. Kmoch, J. Majewski, V. Ramamurthy, S. Cao, H. Ren, I.M. MacDonald, I. Lopez, S. Fahiminiya, V. Sun, V. Keser, A. Khan, V. Stránecký, H. Hartmannová, A. Přistoupilová, K. Hodaňová, L. Piherová, L. Kuchař, A. Baxová, R. Chen, O.G. Povoas Barsottini, A. Pyle, H. Griffin, M. Splitt, J. Sallum, J.L. Tolmie, J. Sampson, P. Chinnery, FORGE Canada Consortium, S. Dutta, J.L. Pedroso, D. Kretzschmar*, M. Cayouette* and R.K. Koenekoop* (2015). Mutations in PNPLA6/NTE, an organophosphate toxicity target, are linked to photoreceptor degeneration and various forms of childhood blindness. Nat. Commun., 6: 5614.  *Corresponding authors.

P. Mattar and M. Cayouette (2014). Temporal Control of Neural Progenitors: TGF-β Switches the Clock Forward. Neuron, 84(5): 885-888.

V. Ramamurthy, C. Jolicoeur, D. Koutroumbas, J. Mühlhans, Y. Z. Le, W. W. Hauswirth, A. Giessl, and M. Cayouette (2014). Numb controls polarized localization of ion channels in mammalian light-sensing cilia. J. Neurosci., 34(42):13976 –13987. [F1000Prime - Recommended].

C. Jolicoeur. and M. Cayouette. (2014). Retinal Explant Culture. Bio-protocol, 4(2): e1032.

C. Jolicoeur and M. Cayouette (2014). Dissociated retinal cell cultures. Bio-protocol, 4(2): e1033.

B. Tarchini, C. Jolicoeur, and M. Cayouette (2013). A molecular blueprint at the apical surface establishes planar asymmetry in cochlear hair cells. Dev. Cell, 27: 88–102.

M. Cayouette*, P. Mattar, W.A. Harris* (2013). Progenitor competence: genes switching places. Cell, 152(1-2): 13-14. *Corresponding authors.

J. Alsiö, B. Tarchini, M. Cayouette, and R. Livesey (2012). Ikaros promotes early temporal fates in multipotent cortical progenitor cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), 110(8): E716-25.

B. Tarchini, C. Jolicoeur, and M. Cayouette (2012). In vivo evidence for unbiased Ikaros retinal lineages using an Ikaros-Cre mouse line driving clonal recombination. Dev. Dyn., 241:1973-1985.

A. Kechad, C. Jolicoeur, A. Tufford, P. Mattar, R. Y. Chow, W. A. Harris, and M. Cayouette (2012). Numb is required for the production of terminal asymmetric cell divisions in the developing mouse retina. J. Neurosci., 32(48):17197-17210.

J. He, G. Zhang, A. D. Almeida, M. Cayouette, B. D. Simons, and W. A. Harris (2012). How variable clones build an invariant retina. Neuron, 75 (5): 786-798. [Highlighted in a Preview: Neuron, 75(5): 739-741.]

F. L. A. F. Gomes, G. Zhang, F. Carbonell, J.A. Correa, W.A. Harris, B.D. Simons and M. Cayouette (2011). Reconstruction of rat retinal progenitor cell lineages in vitro reveals a surprising degree of stochasticity in cell-fate decisions. Development, 138(2):227-235. [Highlighted in the “This Month” section of the journal. F1000 ranked “Must Read”]. [Highlighted in a Preview: Neuron, 75(5): 739-741.]

A. Cohen*, F. L. A. F. Gomes*, B. Roysam, M. Cayouette (2010). Computational prediction of retinal progenitor cell fate outcomes from time-lapse microscopy data. Nature Methods, 7(3):213-218. *equal contributions. [F1000 ranked “Must Read”].

V. Ramamurthy and M. Cayouette (2009). Development and disease of the photoreceptor cilium. Clin Genet., 76(2):137-45.

J. Elliott, C. Jolicoeur, V. Ramamurthy and M. Cayouette (2008). Ikaros confers early temporal competence to mouse retinal progenitor cells. Neuron, 60 (1): 26–39.

M. Cayouette (2007). Expanding neuronal layers by the local division of committed precursors. Neuron, 56 (4): 575-577.

J. Elliott and M. Cayouette (2007). The polarity protein Par-3 regulates myelination. Med. Sci. (Paris), 23 (3): 259-60.

J. R. Chan, C. Jolicoeur, J. Yamauchi,  J. Elliott, J. P. Fawcett, B. K. Ng, and M. Cayouette. The Polarity Protein Par-3 Directly Interacts with p75NTR to Regulate Myelination (2006). Science, 314: 832-836. [News and Views in: Nat Neurosci. 2007;10(1):17-18. F1000 ranked “Must Read”].

J. Elliott, M. Cayouette* and C. Gravel (2006). The CNTF/LIF signaling pathway regulates developmental programmed cell death and differentiation of rod precursor cells in the mouse retina in vivo. Dev. Biol. 300 (2): 583-598. *corresponding author.

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