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Synapse Development and Plasticity
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Selected publications:

Takahashi H#, and Craig AM#. (2013). Protein tyrosine phosphatases PTPd, PTPs and LAR: presynaptic hubs for synapse organization. Trends Neurosci., in press. # Co-corresponding authors

Woo J*, Kwon S*, Nam J*, Choi S*, Takahashi H*, Krueger D, Park J, Lee Y, Bae JY, Lee D, Ko J, Kim H, Kim MH, Bae YC, Chang S, Craig AM#, Kim E#  (2013). The adhesion protein IgSF9b is coupled to neuroligin 2 via S-SCAM to promote inhibitory synapse development. J. Cell Biol., 201(6):929-944.* Equal contribution, # Co-corresponding authors

Pettem KL*, Yokomaku D*, Takahashi H, Ge Y and Craig AM (2013). Interaction between autism-linked genes MDGAs and neuroligins suppresses inhibitory synapse development. J. Cell Biol., 200(3): 321-336. * Equal contribution

Takahashi H, Katayama K, Sohya K, Miyamoto H, Prasad T, Matsumoto Y, Ota M, Yasuda H, Tsumoto T, Aruga J, and Craig A M (2012). Selective control of inhibitory synapse development by Slitrk3-PTPδ trans-synaptic interaction. Nat. Neurosci., 15(3): 389-398.

Takahashi H, Arstikaitis P, Parasad T, Bartlett T, Wang YT, Murphy TH, Craig AM (2011). Postsynaptic TrkC and presynaptic PTPσ function as a bidirectional excitatory synaptic organizing complex. Neuron, 69(2): 287-303.

Takahashi H, Yamazaki H, Hanamura K, Sekino Y, Shirao T (2009). Activity of the AMPA receptor regulates drebrin stabilization in dendritic spine morphogenesis. J. Cell Sci., 122(Pt 8):1211-9.

Linhoff MW, Laurén J, Cassidy RM, Dobie FA, Takahashi H, Nygaard HB, Airaksinen MS, Strittmatter SM, Craig AM (2009). An unbiased expression screen for synaptogenic proteins identifies the LRRTM protein family as synaptic organizers. Neuron, 61(5):734-49.

Kang R, Wan J, Arstikaitis P, Takahashi H, Huang K, Bailey AO, Thompson JX, Roth AF, Drisdel RC, Mastro R, Green WN, Yates JR 3rd, Davis NG, El-Husseini A (2008). Neural palmitoyl-proteomics reveals dynamic synaptic palmitoylation. Nature, 456(7224):904-9.

Takahashi H, and Shirao T, Downregulation of drebrin A expression suppresses synaptic targeting of NMDA receptors in developing hippocampal neurons (2006). J. Neurochem., 97(supp1.1):110-115.

Takahashi H, Sekino Y, Tanaka S, Mizui T, Kishi S, and Shirao T (2003). Drebrin-dependent actin clustering in dendritic filopodia governs synaptic targeting of postsynaptic density-95 and dendritic spine morphogenesis. J. Neurosci., 23(16):6586-95. 

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