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The Université Aix Marseille honours Dr. Drouin
This group from the International AIDS Society will revise the global strategy towards an HIV cure
Jacques Drouin and his team uncover a mechanism regulating dopamine levels in the brain
A study sheds new light on a well-known mechanism required for the immune response
Dr. Cayouette funded by the 2014 multi-investigator research initiative (MIRI)
A new website for the research program aiming towards an HIV cure
A great success for the Tribute to discovery annual dinner
The world’s first clinical trial comparing three alternative diabetes treatments
Veljko Dubljevic and Eric Racine open the black box of moral intuitions
A significant investment in healthcare in Montréal based on research conducted at the IRCM
Jean-François Côté and his team explain molecular events that promote the spread of breast cancer
This CIHR prize recognizes the research excellence of new researchers
Michel Cayouette’s team uncovers the important role of a protein found in visual cells
Frédéric Charron and his team show that a protein called Sonic Hedgehog causes DNA damage
The ISN presented him with the Young Scientist Lectureship Award
Tarik Möröy receives a recognition award
He joins the Executive Committee
Ahmad Haidar and Veljko Dubljevic are among the 2013-2014 fellowship recipients
An honour bestowed by the Université de Montréal
Cheolho Cheong and Hideto Takahashi receive grants
Dr. Schiller is honoured for his outstanding research in peptide science
Research grants in diabetes, breast cancer, liver cancer and leukemia
Read the summer-fall 2014 issue of the Partenaires pour la vie online
12 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are awarded a scholarship
Results of the March 2014 operating grants competition
University appointment at the Université de Montréal
A Young Investigator Grant is given to Dr. Takahashi
The Endocrine Society honours Mathieu Ferron
Dr. Rabasa-Lhoret receives a grant from Cystic Fibrosis Canada
Danièle Bergeron and Alain Masse join the Foundation’s Board
A successful Parcours Santé – golf tournament
Dr. Tarik Möröy's term of office is extended until 2019
The researchers shed new light on how organisms deal with genomic stress
Dr. Davignon is appointed by the Department of nutrition
An honour given to the university’s outstanding graduates
A new report by IRCM ethics experts raises important questions about tDCS
An important investment in research infrastructure by the CFI
The researchers tackle an important controversy in molecular biology
The discovery could lead to new treatment avenues for leukemia and lymphoma
The discovery helps explain a rare immunodeficiency syndrome
The Canadian Cancer Society supports Dr. Veillette’s research
The breakthrough by Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret and his team could improve treatment of cardiometabolic complications associated with obesity
The researchers identified a missing link that could have an impact on the treatment of muscular diseases
The IRCM Foundation’s newsletter is available online
Dr. Coulombe receives the Chair for his state-of-the-art research in proteomics
Great success for IRCM researchers in the September 2013 competition
Eric Racine and Emily Bell study the transition from paediatric to adult health care services
Marie Kmita's team shows the importance of the DNA architecture in controlling the activity of genes
A protein in muscle could contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes later in life
An important investment in research infrastructure by the CFI
JANUARY 07, 2014
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