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A discovery that paves the way for a better understanding of the mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders
A celebration of 50 years of excellence in biomedical research
An investment from the John R. Evans Leaders Fund associated with Canada Research Chairs
An IRCM discovery sheds light on this phenomenon
Ceremony highlighting student scholarship and excellence awards for the internal community
Some cells attacked by HIV can resist infection by closing the door to the virus.
A symposium honouring dedication to research
Tribute to scientific excellence
The Institute's graduate students and postdoctoral fellows’ excellence highlighted
New laboratory of Functional Genomics and Noncoding RNAs
A manager committed to the IRCM and its foundation
An innovative program exclusively offered at the Institute
A total of $6.11M to support research on HIV and genetics
Results of recent CIHR and FRQS competitions
$150,000 raised for biomedical research at the IRCM
More than 745 walkers and runners gather on Mount Royal to support the IRCM
World Health Summit Regional Meeting
Transat Chair in breast cancer research to support laboratory work by Dr. Jean-François Côté
Discovery published in the prestigious journal Nature
In recognition of his outstanding support of scientific research in Canada
Generous support will help upgrade IRCM facilities
Trial calls for adult patients diagnosed less than five years ago
Renowned director to support biomedical research
Growing nerves respond autonomously to pathfinding cues
IRCM researchers discover a new cell population that contributes to forming the retina
JANUARY 18, 2017
Paul Robert, Vice-President of Legal Affairs and Technology Transfer and as Secretary General
PAG molecule’s role finally clarified
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