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Marie Kmita’s discovery on the cover of Cell Reports
New Canadian investments in ALS research for Éric Lécuyer, Marlene Oeffinger and Benoit Coulombe
IRCM researcher Éric Racine collaborates to an approach for ethics and communication about neonatal neurological injury
Renovation of the boardroom
50 years of expertise for cancer research
Ung protects B cells from AID-induced telomere loss
At the dawn of their 50th anniversary, the IRCM and its Foundation are updating their visual identity.
An all-time record for the Annual IRCM Foundation Dinner
Creation of a Research Centre on Rare and Genetic Diseases in Adults and of a biomarker pipeline
The Ypel5 gene regulates certain immune responses
Marie Kmita’s team makes the front page of the prestigious scientific journal Nature
He will provide expertise and extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical services
A success for the Succession Committee’s first event
A remarkable discovery published in Nature
The Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
The researcher will collaborate as a visiting researcher
The IRCM announces its 2016 internal scholarship recipients
Four researchers from the institute receive a Discovery Grant
The institute’s researchers once again thrive in the CIHR’s funding competition
May Faraj’s team is exploring this measure in vulnerable subjects
…but maybe not in the way you're thinking
Two bronze sculptures highlighting genetic research’s progress
Another step towards precision medicine
The golf tournament’s organizing committee sets an all-time record
Valérie Lamantia and Ashley Chin receive the Vanier scholarship
More than 755 participants took up the IRCM Challenge on Mount Royal
APRIL 26, 2016
Death of Cheolho Cheong, Director of the Cellular Physiology and Immunology research unit
Carine Monat will be summarizing her thesis in molecular biology in 3 minutes
Depression, metabolic factors combine to boost risk of developing diabetes, study finds
The findings revealed that the artificial pancreas provided better glycemic control than standard pumps
A collaboration with Germany and the United States enables the discovery of a new biomarker
Cell senescence prevents the formation of medulloblastoma
Funding for research on rare and genetic diseases, as well as biomarkers
An IRCM group suggests new approaches for the treatment of cancers, infections and a rare disease
The IRCM is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Maxime Lamarre-Cliche as Director of the Hypertension clinic.
The project is funded jointly by CIHR and the FRQS
A joint partnership to further research on rare diseases and provide patients with greater access to resources
The FDA grants a Fast Track designation for a treatment for primary mitochondrial myopathy
New allocation of the Marie and Willie Chrétien Fund
IRCM’s researchers are one step closer in understanding Alzheimer’s disease mechanism
The grant will be supporting studies on neuron development
The discovery could contribute to the development of cell therapies and more targeted treatments against cancer
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