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Philippe Crine, Pierre Duplessis, Marie-Josée Lamothe and Emmanuel Triassi join the institute’s Board
The IRCM student is the December winner of the FRQS Étudiants-chercheurs étoiles competition
The discovery could have an impact on cancer treatment
The former IRCM Scientific Director receives the biomedical research award
A record annual amount given to the institute by the IRCM Foundation
Sanofi and Regeneron support Benoit Coulombe’s research in precision medicine
Eric Racine and Emily Bell study inadvertent stigmatization by public health initiatives for FASD
The NIH grants over $2.5 million for Canadian research on the artificial pancreas
Éric A. Cohen and Mariana Bego are recognized for their research on HIV
The 2015 summer-fall issue of the IRCM Foundation’s newsletter is now available
A partnership with Benoit Coulombe to determine risk and progression of type 2 diabetes
The IRCM announces the 2015 internal scholarship recipients
Results from the March 2015 grant competitions
Éric A. Cohen and his team make a significant discovery on HIV persistence
Benoit Coulombe and his team, in collaboration with researchers at RI-MUHC, discover a new crucial gene associated with these orphan diseases
2015 Parcours Santé – golf tournament
A great success for the IRCM Foundation’s fundraising campaign Give for Life
Dr. Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret and his team conduct the first paediatric study comparing three treatment alternatives
An award granted by the Université de Montréal
An announcement by the ministry of Economics, Innovation and Export Trade
The discovery by François Robert and his team could lead to a better understanding of lymphoma
The latest competition results from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé
The race and walk on Mount Royal draws 600 participants
Frédéric Charron and Tarik Möröy are the recipients
Artur Kania and his team uncover the critical role in pain processing of a gene associated with a rare disease
The researchers uncovered a mechanism that could affect therapy for the common flu as well as lymphoma and leukemia
The researchers discover a new kind of synergy in the development of the nervous system
Mathieu Ferron’s team discovers a new function of the bone associated with energy and glucose metabolism
The discovery could lead to the replacement of morphine with improved drugs for chronic pain treatment
The results help explain current challenges associated with stem cell treatments to restore sight
Artur Kania is appointed Associate Editor
Michel Cayouette and his team find a link between retinal degeneration and lipid metabolism
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