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Home > Flow cytometry > Equipment
Home > Flow cytometry > Equipment

The facility has many instruments available:

  • Four tabletop analyzers :
    One FACScan (1 laser 488, detection of 3 colors)
    One FACScalibur (lasers 488 and 635, detection of 4 colors)
    One BD LSR (lasers 488, UV and 635, detection of 6 colors)
    One Cyan (lasers 405, 488 and 642, detection of 9 colors)

  • Cell sorting on a ultra-high speed cell sorter (Beckman Coulter MoFlo) 3 lasers (Sapphire 488nm; XCyte UV; Cube 642nm) / detection of 8 colors. Cloning device for various multiwell plate size. 

  • Cell sorting in a BL3 laboratory (Influx, BD Biosciences) 3 lasers (solid state 488nm; diode 635nm; solid state 405nm) / 9 colors. Cloning device for various multiwell plate size.

  • AutoMACS, automated magnetic cell separation device.

  • XF24-3 extracellular flux analyzer is a fully-integrated instrument that simultaneously measure the two major energy yielding pathways - aerobic respiration and glycolysis - in a convenient, microplate format. 

  • ADVIA120 - Complete blood hematology system designed for enumeration of red blood cells, lymphocytes, retics, platelets and granulocytes including the morphology profiles. The Advia is a flow cell based system using light scatter for detection of the different cell types. The instrument is equiped with all the reagents, so no treatment of the samples before processing is necessary. Even though it has been developped for human samples, the multi-species software gives us the opportunity to analyze whole blood samples from mice, rabbit, rat and many other species.
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