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You have a specific question about the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal? If you cannot find your answer in our frequently asked questions, write or contact us.


Question 1 : Core facilities
Question 2 : Technology transfer

Q1 : What are the IRCM’s core facilities?
R1 :
With its core facilities and research platforms, the IRCM offers its researchers ultra-modern infrastructure run by highly-qualified scientific and technical staff. Find out more about the core facilities by visiting their own sites.

Q2 : Does the Institut help its researchers commercialize their research results?
R2 :
Yes. The IRCM’s Technology Transfer Office helps setup and assists partnerships between IRCM researchers and the industry, whether it be for a research collaboration, a license, a research contract or material transfer.

Question 1 : Annual and academic reports
Question 2 : Scientific publications

Q1 : Can I browse through the IRCM’s official reports?
R1 :
Yes. The IRCM’s annual report and academic report are both available online.

Q2 : Do IRCM researchers publish the results of their research?
R2 :
Yes. IRCM researchers maintain a high performance level by comparison with their peers and contribute to the Institut’s influence through their numerous scientific discoveries. In 2009-2010, they contributed to 156 publications, of which 147 were in nationally and internationally renowned scientific journals.
Read through our recent scientific contributions to see the IRCM researchers’ impact on the scientific community.
Refer to the scientific publications section for the complete list of their contributions.

Question 1 : Donation to the Foundation
Question 2 : Fundraising activities

Q1 : How can I make a donation to the IRCM Foundation?
R1 :
You can make a donation to the IRCM Foundation through a number of ways: single donation, monthly donation, donation of shares, bequests, insurance policies and endowment funds. Join our circles of benefactors today and contribute to the population’s well-being!

Q2 : Does the IRCM Foundation organize any fundraising activities?
R2 :
Yes. In addition to its major Give for Life fundraising campaign, the IRCM Foundation organizes three events each year: the annual dinner, the Bilan de santé - golf tournament, and the IRCM Challenge – Run for Life.

Question 1 : Conferences at the IRCM

Q1 : Does the IRCM organize conferences?
R1 :
Yes. The IRCM offers weekly conferences on topics as varied as its research programs, which help broaden the knowledge of the entire Montréal scientific community. In addition, IRCM researchers sometimes organize their own conferences, either at the Institut or elsewhere. Look through the conferences’ calendar.

Question 1 : Becoming a student or fellow
Question 2 : Remuneration for studies
Question 3 : Courses offered at the IRCM
Question 4 : Student visits
Question 5 : Student Associations

Q1 : How can I become a student or postdoctoral fellow at the IRCM?
R1 :
To join the IRCM, begin by identifying the research field and researcher with whom you would like to pursue your studies. Contact the research unit Director you are interested in directly to discuss training possibilities and the terms for joining the IRCM. Students will then have to register with the Université de Montréal or McGill University.

You can also look through the Careers section, where some available student and fellowship positions may be posted.

Q2 : Do students and fellows at the IRCM receive remuneration?
R2 :
Yes. The IRCM encourages all its students and postdoctoral fellows to find their own funding or scholarships. However, those who do not receive a scholarship will be remunerated through their Director’s laboratory funding. Allocations meet the standards of Quebec and Canadian funding agencies in terms of candidate remuneration, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Q3 : Does the Institut offer any courses?
R3 :
Yes. The IRCM offers several courses, with the main purpose of giving students an enriching experience. Although they are open courses, students must be registered directly with the affiliated university to be credited for a course.

Q4 : Does the IRCM allow student groups to visit its facilities?
R4 :
Yes. It is possible to organize visits of the IRCM’s laboratories and research services for groups of students from high schools, colleges and universities.

Q5 : Does the Institut have a student association?
R5 :
Yes. The IRCM Student Association brings together the Institut’s students and fellows on social and academic levels. It aims to promote diversity by organizing activities throughout the year.

Question 1 : Appointments
Question 2 : Areas of specialization
Question 3 : Clinical studies

Q1 : Can I visit the IRCM Clinic without an appointment?
R1 :
No. In addition to needing an appointment, all IRCM Clinic patients must also receive a medical referral from their doctor. Contact us if you have further questions.

Q2 : In which fields do the research clinics specialize?
R2 :
The IRCM Clinic is comprised of five specialized research clinics:
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Hypertension Clinic
  • Nutrition, metabolism and atherosclerosis Clinic
  • Obesity, metabolism and diabetes Clinic
  • Primary Immunodeficiency Clinic

Q3 : Can I participate in a clinical study at the IRCM?
R3 :
The clinics are often searching for volunteers to take part in their research projects. Find out more by contacting us.

Question 1 : Fields of research
Question 2 : Principal investigators

Q1 : In which fields is research conducted at the Institut?
R1 :
The IRCM excels in fundamental research, a sector that remains at the forefront of innovation. The IRCM’s scientific structure is comprised of five research programs, each with its own research unit or laboratory:

Q2 : Who are the principal investigators at the IRCM?
R2 :
The IRCM boasts 35 research units, each with its own director or principal investigator. Refer to the list of researchers to find the ones you’re looking for, then discover their own site for details about their projects, teams, and contact information.

Question 1 : Joining the IRCM

Q1 : How can I join the IRCM’s team?
R1 :
Browse through the Careers section, which is divided into three sections: research unit director positions, research unit positions, and other positions at the institute. Once you have found an available position for which you are qualified, send your resume and all other required documents according to the job posting specifications. 

Question 1 : Association’s services
Question 2 : Updating contact information

Q1 : What services are offered by the IRCM Alumni Association?
R1 :
The Association’s Office offers its members numerous services, including access to the Institut’s physical installations and documentation centre, distribution of job offers, and maintenance of the Association’s profile on the professional social network LinkedIn.

Q2 : I am an Association member. How can I update my contact information?
R2 :
To receive the Alumni Association newsletter (Le Facteur de transmission), the weekly scientific events calendar (Activités scientifiques), and information about social and scientific events organised by the Association, send your updated contact information to the Association’s Office.

Question 1 : IRCM affiliations
Question 2 : Board of Directors members
Question 3 : Organizational structure
Question 4 : Contacting the IRCM

Q1 : Is the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal affiliated to any organizations?
R1 :
The IRCM is an independent non-profit research institution affiliated with the Université de Montréal, and with a long-standing association with McGill University. The IRCM Clinic is also affiliated with the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM).  All IRCM researchers hold appointments as university research professors at the Université de Montréal, and most laboratory directors are associated to various departments at McGill.

Q2 : Who are the members of the IRCM Board of Directors, and that of its Foundation?
R2 :

Q3 : What is the Institut’s organizational structure?
R3 :
Take a look at the IRCM’s organizational charts: the Board of Directors and its committees, the general organizational chart, and the core facilities organizational chart.
You can also learn more about the Institut’s Management Committee, Scientific Management Committee and Scientific Committee.

Q4 : Where is the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal located?
R4 :
The IRCM is located at 110 des Pins Avenue West in Montréal. Follow these links for more information:

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