Animal Care and Cage-Washer Attendant

Job Description

Under the direction of the Veterinarian -  Director of the Animal facilities and the Manager of the Animal Facilities, performs duties related to the maintenance, operation of the cage washer, sterilization, feeding and care of the animals according to a pre-established schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Change cages.
  • Prepare and provide food and water to the animals.
  • Ensures the comfort, health and well-being of the animals while respecting the research protocols.
  • Immediately informs the veterinarian, the manager of animal facilities and technicians of any apparent change in the health status of the animals. *May be required to perform basic manipulations on mice.
  • Cleans, disinfects and autoclaves cages; washes bottles, screens and other accessories.
  • Ensures that the cages are filled and that the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the animal facility is prepared.
  • Performs weekly maintenance of the cage washer.
  • Starts the cage washer according to the schedule of tasks assigned to him/her.
  • Ensures the general maintenance of the housing rooms and makes sure that all the equipment is available for the proper functioning of the room.
  • Completes the information related to the room maintenance and collects the temperature and humidity data in the logbook dedicated to the each of the housing rooms.
  • Immediately informs the animal facility manager of any temperature, humidity and ventilation anomalies in the animal facility.
  • Ensures that all personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, shoe covers and gowns are available in animal housing rooms, surgical rooms, procedure rooms and near the entrances to the animal facilities.
  • Receives, stores and delivers food and accessories necessary for the care of the animals.
  • Performs oxygen and CO2 tank changes, as needed. Reports inventory.
  • Eliminates chemical waste and biohazard according to schedule.
  • Ensures cleanliness of all work areas.
  • Conducts animal census (perdiem).
  • Reports to the Manager of Animal Facilities the inventory of equipment necessary for the proper operation of the animal facility.
  • Maintains, repairs equipment and instruments as necessary.
  • Maintains cleaning and sanitation records.

The above list of duties and responsibilities is a summary and does not constitute a complete and detailed list of duties that may be performed.

Education / Professional Experience and Skills

  • Experience with animals and/or in the research environment (rodents) is a strong asset.  Requires knowledge of the animal environment/ work under sterile conditions
  • Good physical condition
  • Must be able to lift and push loads of at least 50 lbs (bags of food, cage cart, water bottle cart etc)
  • Not afraid of repetitive work (changing cages)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Good observation skills,  excellent manual dexterity,  professionalism
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work independently in a team

Working conditions

  • Full-time position (36.25 hours/week)
  • 10 sick days
  • 3 weeks of vacation after the first year (possibility of accumulating a 4th week)
  • Benefits/ REGOP pension plan (Government Employees Retirement Plan/Employee Assistance Program)
  • Contract position (replacement) for 6 months with possibility of renewal and extension. Expected start date: as soon as possible.

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