Animal Facilities
and Animal Health

Ovidiu Jumanca


The Animal Facilities and Animal Health Core Facility offers all the services required for housing and animal health care. Accredited by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC), it has several animal facilities that can accommodate animals depending on the species, health level and nature of handling. It includes an SPF+ animal facility (free of pathogens and opportunistic germs), an SPF animal facility (free of pathogens), an aquatic animal facility and satellite animal facilities: conventional quarantine, SPF quarantine, containment level 2 (NC2) and containment level 3 (NC3).



Housing rodents in SPF mode


Colony management and basic techniques (via the AniBio application) 

Technical and veterinary support

Animal health monitoring: sentinel program, water analysis, etc..

Animal facility inspections and equipment certification 

Transfers of animals between institutions (import/export)

On-demand services: studies in collaboration with other institutions and industry partners

Training (user training and continuous training)

Animal physiology

The Animal Physiology platform offers all the services required to allow users to record physiological data in small animals (rodents). Blood pressure and ECG techniques as well as imaging and respiratory physiology services are currently available.


Respiratory physiology services (in vivo lung function measurements) - FlexiVent

Xenogen IVIS Bioluminescence Imaging

Intraventricular pressure using the Millar catheter 

Echocardiography, ultrasound imaging

Specialized microinjection

Synchronized metabolic and behavioral studies (Sable Promethion)

Various surgeries

Services on request: studies in collaboration with other institutions and industry partners (possibility of studies in GLP mode)

Training (training of animal users, continuing education)

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