Flow Cytometry

Eric Massicotte



Team : Julie Lord-Gagnon, Senior Research Assistant

The flow cytometry platform offers cell analysis and sorting services to IRCM researchers as well as to members of the Montreal and surrounding scientific communities. Our goal is to promote the use of flow cytometry as a tool for multiparametric analysis and to facilitate its use for a broad range of research areas. Immunophenotyping, apoptosis, cell cycle and DNA content, functional tests (calcium flow) and cell proliferation are among the techniques commonly used in cytometry.


Table top analyzers

BD Accuri C6

FACScalibur (BD Biosciences) (488 and 635 lasers, 4 color detection)

BD LSR Fortessa (BD Biosciences) (488, UV, 405nm, 561nm and 635nm lasers, 18 color detection) 

Cyan (Beckman Coulter) (405nm, 488nm and 642nm lasers, 9 color detection) 

Sony SA 3800 (Sony Biosciences) (405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 642nm lasers)

Cell sorting

MoFlo (Beckman Coulter) 3 lasers (488nm; UV; 642nm) 8 color detection

BD Influx (BD Biosciences) (In NC3 confinement and under class 2 hood) with three lasers (488nm; 635nm; 405nm) and 9 color detection

BD FACSAria III (BD Biosciences) (Under class 1 hood) with five lasers (488nm; UV; 405nm; 561nm; 642nm) and 18 color detection


The flow cytometry platform also offers services: data analysis, training and consultation.

Autre instrumentation

AutoMACS, automated device for cell separation using magnetic beads

Extracellular flow analyzer XF24-3 (Seahorse Bioscience), a fully integrated instrument that simultaneously measures the two major energy pathways – aerobic respiration and glycolysis – in a convenient microplate format

ADVIA 120, a hematological analyzer on human and animal whole blood

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