Research Platform on Obesity
Metabolism and Diabetes

The Research Platform on Obesity, Metabolism and Diabetes’s (PROMD) objective is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of cardiometabolic health (obesity,diabetes, dyslipidemia and heart disease) by providing academic and corporate researchers (pharmaceutical and food industries, elite athletes, etc.)  with cutting-edge technologies and professional resources to facilitate their research work. 

PROMD providesthe expertise, the material and equipment to perform accurate physiological testing and interventions in the areas of nutrition, including obesity and diabetes and physical activity.

Instrumentation and Services

Body Composition Measurement

  • iDXA (DEXA dual-energy X-Ray absorptiometry)
  • Bod Pod (Body Volume : Air-Displacement) (*used for persons who may not be exposed to X-Rays; ex : pregnant women). 
  • Biolectrical impedance analyzer 

Energy expenditure measurement

  • Indirect calorimeters (resting and post-meal energy expenditure)


Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Our team is specialized and experienced in the installation and use of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and flash glucose monitoring (FGM) systems, including the professional versions (ex. Freestyle Pro).  

  • Platform for CGM data analysis 
  • Expertise for the  analysis and interpretation of CGM data 

Nutritional Assessment

  • Dietary Journals
  • 24-hour Recall
  • Food Frequency Questionnaire 

Evaluation of physical condition and level of fitness

  • Energy expenditure test VO2 max on a treadmill or bike (maximal and sub-maximal effort energy expenditure measurement)
  • Maximal strength test
  • Muscular endurance test 
  • Accelerometers 


The platform includes a laboratory equipped to analyze biological samples. Available laboratory services include hormonal and inflammatory assays (techniques RIA, ELISA, MAGPIX, COBAS, Lipoprint, etc.). Freezers at -20 and -80 degrees Celsius are available to conserve biological samples.

Fitness and Exercise Room

The PROMD platform includes a fitness room with weight training and cardio equipment. For the purpose of clinical research and under the supervision of our kinesiologists and medical researchers, the fitness room may be set-up and adapted to receive research participants at all levels of physical condition and presenting a variety of health issues. A virtual platform exists allowing training sessions to be performed from a distance. 

Physiological Rooms

The platform has five physiological rooms equipped for the analysis of glucose metabolism (ex: clamp), lipid metabolism and the effect of nutritional and exercise interventions in an environment that is comfortable and safe for research participants. A multidisciplinary team of nurses, nutritionists, kinesiologists and medical researchers are available to supervise all clinical research activities.

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