Student life

A rich and
diverse experience

When you choose the IRCM for your studies or internship, you join one of the most successful research institutes in Canada where the academics and scientific endeavours are some of the most stimulating and inspiring. Professional discussion and development are highly encouraged, providing our students and interns with the skills and knowledge that will be invaluable to them throughout their careers.

Countless opportunities 
for learning and collaboration

The IRCM offers numerous activities
to promote a rich and stimulating student
and scientific life.

Weekly conferences where
world-renowned scientists are invited
to speak about their most recent breakthroughs
Summer seminars , specifically 
designed for interns; 
The Interlab Club where students
present the results of their research
in a relaxed atmosphere; 
The Scientific Forum which brings together IRCM students, researchers and staff, and grants awards to the Institute’s best student presentations
Thesis committees where students benefit from the expertise and advice of experienced scientists
Career days where students learn more about different scientific career opportunities
DSocial events and festivities  organized by the IRCM Student Association

Student Association

The IRCM Student Association, ASSO, aims to foster relationships with other members within the IRCM community. To this end, the ASSO organizes scientific and social activities to foster an exceptional working environment. It represents students who serve on committees at the Institute and provides a link to other student groups at Université de Montréal and McGill University.

The Association’s mandate

Members of the Executive Committee


Ashley Chin



Thomas Brown


Lucia Gabrielli



Vincent Panneton

Communication Team


Joanna Li

Communication Team


Antoine Bouchard

Communication team


Elie Lambert

Communication Team


Celine Schott

Liaison with the IRCM Foundation

Student Lounge

Need a break while you’re waiting for your essays to incubate? Want to watch the hockey game or chat with your coworkers? The IRCM student lounge is the place for it! Equipped with sofas, a TV, a foosball table, a dartboard, and a “leave a book/take a book” student library, the lounge provides a space for students to relax and take a well-deserved break.

Interlab Club

The Interlab Club is an opportunity for our students to present and discuss the results of their research with the IRCM community in a relaxed environment. Lunch is provided at each session.

The presentations cover numerous disciplines including neurology, immunology, developmental biology, and biochemistry. The Interlab Club is the perfect opportunity to share and learn.

Health and Wellness Committee

Our students’ well-being is a priority at the IRCM and to this end the Student Association has established a peer support program. This program is for the Institute’s entire student community and aims to promote mental and emotional well-being. With both respect and discretion, IRCM peer supporters are available to welcome, listen, and if desired, refer students to available resources.

For more information, visit the committee's website


Studying at the IRCM is a remarkable experience that has helped many students launch their careers. Read our alumni’s stories.

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