Virginie Calderon



Team: Caroline Grou, Bioinformatics Analyst

The Bioinformatics platform aims to support scientists within and outside the IRCM in the analysis of biological and clinical data, in particular high throughput genomic data.


NGS data analysis:
- RNA-Seq : transcript quantification, differential analysis, splicing event detection.
- RNA-seq de novo:  transcripts assembly, annotation, differential analysis
- miRNA-seq : microRNA quantification, differential analysis, target candidates analysis
- scRNA-seq / snATAC-seq +/- protein surface : cell population clustering and annotation, find markers, pseudotime analysis
- ChIP-seq : peak calling and annotation, motifs finding known and de novo, differential analysis
- ATAC-seq : accessible region calling and annotation, differential accessibility analysis, motifs finding known and de novo
- Methyl-seq (WGBS, capture CpG, microarray) : methylation quantification, differential analysis (hyper and hypo methylation) 
- WGS : de novo assembly, variant identification and annotation
- WES : variant identification and annotation
- metagenomics (targeted, shotgun) /metatranscriptomics : OTUs identification, diversity analysis, differential analysis, functional analysis
- other : CRISPR-Cas9, microarrays. GEO data submission

Personalized training : NGS data analysis, introduction to linux / Compute Canada server / R programming

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