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At the root of any great discovery, there is research. IRCM researchers analyze and observe the very foundation of life to better understand diseases. Improving life inspires and gives us the courage to see each challenge as the starting point of an adventure that leads to the development of a new treatment.



Center for cardiometabolic health

Co-leaders: Jennifer Estall and May Faraj

Cardiometabolic diseases impact one-third of the population at some point in their life, particularly in those with excess weight. This includes a wide range of disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular and fatty liver disease, all of which decrease quality of life, significantly shorten life-span, and are expensive to treat. We still do not fully understand the progression from cardiometabolic health to disease and its complications. Taking a bench-to-bedside back to bench approach, our Cardi-ometabolic Health Research Centre brings together a wide range expertise in biochemistry, cell bi-ology, genetics, nutrition, physiology and medicine. By bridging fundamental, translational, and clinical research, we strive to find new ways to maintain cardiometabolic health, identify factors leading to its deterioration and develop new therapies. This is vital for the prevention, early-diagnosis and effective treatment and management of cardiometabolic diseases and for improving the quality of life of those affected and their families.

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Cancer Center

Co-leaders: Jean-François Côté and Frédéric Charron

It is expected that almost half of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer and that 25% of citizens will die from cancer. Cancer is diagnosed in far too many of our family members and friends. De-spite extraordinary advances in the treatment of cancers in the last decades, the full arsenal to fight all cancers and their recurrence is not available. The mission of our Cancer Center is to understand the molecular and cellular basis of various cancers to provide the knowledge to develop the needed therapeutic approaches. Our experts are contributing to fight important cancers including pediatric brain cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma and leukemias.   

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Center for genetic and neurological diseases

Co-leaders: Marie Kmita and Jacques Drouin

Many diseases and developmental malformations are caused by errors in the genetic code, but how exactly these errors lead to the pathological manifestations remains unclear. With recent advances in molecular biology, the development of therapies to correct genetic errors is more realistic than ever. To reach this goal, scientists in our center work to understand how genes function and are regulated and how this can go wrong in various diseases. Some experts in this center specifically focus on understanding the origins and developing treatments for various neurological diseases while others focus on congenital malformations that originate during fetal development as a conse-quence of genetic mutations or defective control of gene activity.

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Center for immunity, inflammation and infectious diseases

Co-leaders: Javier DiNoia and Wong-Kyung Suh

The 3i Centre brings together fundamental and clinician scientists with complementary expertise in immunity, inflammation, microbiology and infectious diseases. Its goals are to understand how the normal immune system works; to elucidate how diseases of the immune system develop; and to develop new means to modulate or harness the immune system to treat human diseases such as immunodeficiencies, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, metabolic diseases, in-fections, and cancers.  We use state-of-the-art technologies including genetics, genomics, prote-omics, cell biology and mouse models of human diseases, benefiting from the Primary Immunode-ficiencies Clinic at the IRCM.  Our studies also include understanding cancers that develop from immune cells, like lymphoma and leukemia, determining how the microbiota and nutrition impact inflammation and immune responses, and uncovering the pathophysiology underlying viral infec-tions and post-viral conditions. While based at the IRCM, the 3i Centre collaborates with research-ers from other institutions in Montreal, Canada and across the world.

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