Mass Spectrometry
and Proteomics

Denis Faubert


Our platform offers state-of-the-art mass spectrometry services for the identification, characterization and quantification of proteins and small molecules. The analysis of affinity purified protein complexes and post-translational modifications (PTMs) are particularly in demand.


Protein identification 

(In-solution digestion and LC-MS/MS analysis, On-Beads digestion and LC-MS/MS analysis, In-gel digestion and LC-MS/MS analysis, LASER-captured cell proteomics)

Quantitative proteomics

(Label-free, Targeted quantitative analysis (SRM/PRM), SILAC (Stable Isotope labeling with Amino acids in Cell culture), iTRAQ/TMT, Top-down analysis of small proteins (< 30 kDa))

Identification of post-translational modifications

(Phosphoproteomics, Protein characterization)

Small molecule analysis

(Accurate mass measurement of synthetic small molecules, Metabolomics analysis) 

Data analysis and interpretation


Orbitrap Fusion

Q Exactive
 LTQ Orbitrap Velos
 HPLC-UV (diode array) 
Clean room


Guideline for sample
preparation and protocols

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