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At the IRCM, knowledge transfer and increasing the reach of our research activities are at the heart of our mission. Bringing our research to life is an important way of creating value and giving back to our community.

Whether it is to develop a practical application from a research idea or to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, our aim is to transform discoveries and knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of patients.

Propelling innovation:
from the lab to patients

Technology and knowledge transfer drive the evolution of research innovations. To facilitate knowledge transfer, our Technology Transfer Office works closely with our researchers, members of the industry, and life sciences investors to identify opportunities and commercial applications for their research and create successful partnerships.

More specifically, the Office supports and assists in the development of knowledge transfer pathways with the aim of establishing win-win partnerships between IRCM researchers, universities, research institutes and industry, ranging from research collaborations, licensing and research contracts to the creation of start-ups. These collaborations generate significant economic and social benefits for our researchers and industry partners.

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