IRCM Scholarships for
Young Researchers


The IRCM Scholarships for Young Researchers provides students enrolled in an undergraduate program with a rewarding opportunity to complete a paid internship in an IRCM laboratory. The scholarships, valued at $2,000, are available for summer internships of 12 to 16 weeks.

Who are
IRCM scholarships for?

Eligibility criteria

Must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a foreign student holding a work permit in Canada.  

Must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program (or equivalent) for at least one year in a relevant field related to biomedical research. 

Must demonstrate a deep interest in biomedical research and higher education.

Must have maintained a minimum and cumulative average of 3.3 out of 4.3 (77%, B+, 15 out of 20, or equivalent).  

Must not have previously obtained an IRCM scholarship for young researchers.

Must have obtained the support of a research director for the submission of their application. 

Want to submit
your application?

Here are the details.

We recommend contacting the research director directly where you would like to complete your internship and submit your CV, cover letter, and transcript by April 19, 2024.

Once you obtain their support, your complete file must be submitted by the research director, in a single PDF file, no later than May 3, 2024, at the following email address with "Application for Young Researchers Grant" as subject.

Your application must contain the following documents:

Completed application form

All academic and college transcripts (scanned copies accepted)

Your CV

Download the application form
to be included in your application.

Selection committee

Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of IRCM researchers, according to the following criteria:

Demonstration of a deep interest in biomedical research and higher education

High-quality cover letter

Academic record


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