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Are you looking for the ideal place to set off on your biomedical research journey? A place where research projects are stimulating, and your contribution is valued?

The IRCM offers outstanding training opportunities in an environment where research excellence is a value shared by all. We welcome undergraduate trainees, master’s and PhD students, and postdoctoral fellows. A highly formative experience awaits you.


At the IRCM, training the next generation is one of the fundamental pillars of our mission. When you choose the IRCM for your studies, you join a high-calibre multidisciplinary research group and benefit from the cutting-edge infrastructure of an Institute whose impact and quality of research are recognized worldwide. You will be mentored every step of the way and will have the opportunity to explore biomedical science from the angle of basic and clinical research. Our academic affairs team is also there to support you along your journey.

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At the IRCM, science is a form of expression. If, like us, biomedical research is your passion, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. In every lab, as in every scientific activity that you can participate in, you will find the same fire and desire to contribute in concrete terms to the advancement of health research.

A thousand and one

Beyond the exciting research that you will actively contribute to, the IRCM offers numerous opportunities for professional and personal development. The IRCM’s multidisciplinary environment fosters collaborations between clinician-researchers and basic researchers to ensure high-quality, comprehensive training. Our stimulating academic and scientific life encourages exchanges and development and allows our students to acquire the skills and knowledge that will be invaluable to them throughout their careers.

« I have the privilege of working on a fascinating subject within a great team that supports me, encourages me and nourishes me in my research. »

Céline Schott

IRCM Doctoral Student

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The IRCM is a unique place. It really is! Our history is rich. Pioneered throughout the years by internationally-renowned researchers, countless discoveries and major scientific advancements have originated within our walls. Our technical facilities are among the most cutting-edge in Montreal. Our location on the outskirts of the city center is a stone’s throw away from major universities, and our people are passionate and inspired by life!

Open to the world

Every year, the IRCM welcomes numerous students from abroad. Our international students choose the IRCM primarily for the quality of its training and research. In addition to its connection to world-renowned universities, the Montreal experience makes the IRCM a top choice.

« At the IRCM, I did some very good science that
I am proud of and I don't think all of this would have been possible if
I had done my Ph.D. in a different environment.  »

Awais Javed

IRCM PhD student

Student life
at the IRCM

At the IRCM, you’ll discover a multitude of ways to become a part of our vibrant student life and exchange with your peers. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in the many events organized by the IRCM Student Association, the ASSO, or become a member of one of the organizing committees. If you’d like to develop your leadership potential, you could even be the ASSO’s next president!

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Financial support

Competitive training awards are offered to all IRCM students enrolled in a full-time graduate program. Students who choose to start a scientific career at the IRCM are encouraged to obtain financial support from different private and public organizations. The IRCM Research and Academic Affairs department will support you in all your endeavours.

« My training at the IRCM allowed me to combine my passions for research and the clinical setting. The IRCM Foundation Scholarship was a catalyst for my research career. »

Mariko Witalis Ph. D

Medical writer bMod Communication

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A genetic mutation that protects against disease

In a study published in the journal eLife, the team of Mathieu Ferron, Director of the Research Unit in Molecular Physiology at the IRCM, unveiled an optimized version of the hormone that could be the basis for innovative therapies. 



Groundbreaking Advance in Lupus

The work of the team led by Dr. Hua Gu is published in the prestigious scientific journal "Immunity". This massive work is the first to identify a family of protein ubiquitin ligases (CBLs) as a common molecular trait causing Lupus in humans; a groundbreaking advance that could pave the way to future therapies in this field.



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