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"The IRCM is a unique biomedical research institute where internationally renowned researchers and clinicians collaborate under one roof."

I’m so proud to lead the IRCM, this jewel of the scientific community in Quebec, known for its deep commitment to excellence in health research. After more than 50 years of promoting Quebec’s scientific research right in the heart of Montreal, our Institute’s reputation in this regard is well-established.

Today, as the challenges of modern life compound traditional health issues, our community is more invested than ever in contributing to the medicine of tomorrow. This is made possible by dedicated people from all walks of life who share the same sense of urgency with respect to studying, understanding and discovering. Constantly in search of new breakthroughs, our researchers and doctors, students, technicians, professionals and employees, as well as our collaborators and donors, are driven by an inexhaustible motivation: Inspired by life, they are determined to understand it in order to better protect it.

To deliver on this promise, our community aspires first and foremost to scientific excellence. This excellence manifests itself at all stages of the research continuum, from our laboratories to our clinics, thanks to the highly promising research carried out by researchers known for their scientific rigour. It is also embodied in our efforts to bring value to research results, which is brought to fruition when we, along with the support of our partners, bring scientific discoveries right to the bedside. A focus on excellence is also behind the idea that training the next generation of influential researchers is of the utmost importance to guarantee knowledge transfer and ensure the progress of tomorrow. Finally, it’s in the name of excellence that the IRCM takes on the full responsibility of its role as a scientific hub, popularizing science for the general public and rallying the people of Montreal around the IRCM Foundation to fund cutting-edge research.

Despite the undeniable challenges, our Institute can meet the coming years with great confidence due to our highly productive, dynamic, and deeply human ecosystem. With a solid foundation and a clear common vision, all of the Institute’s different actors are marching to the same beat towards a future where diseases have less and less impact over our lives.

I am happy to lead it into the future.


Jean-François Côté,

President and Scientific Director


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