Popularization Challenge



Explain a central element of your research project!
Candidates taking on this challenge will have to show their creativity and teaching skills to explain a key concept of their research project in a clear, simple, and accessible manner. The objective is to facilitate the overall understanding of their project by targeting an unfamiliar or a particularly complex concept.
For example:

  • A component or a biological process (ex: apoptosis);
  • An approach or a laboratory technique (ex: electron microscopy);
  • An experimental model (ex: Drosophila);
  • A disease or a clinical symptom (ex: anaphylactic shock);
  • A therapeutic treatment or a drug (ex: triple combination therapy).

Presentations must be no longer than five (5) minutes and can be supported by an unlimited number of slides. One (1) prop is allowed on stage, but it must not be the primary visual aid. 

Viviane Lalande, PhD, science communicator, trainer, columnist, and creator of the YouTube channel Scilabus trained the participants of the Popularization challenge during a workshop in March 2023.
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