Valorization Challenge



Highlight the benefits of your research project!
In this section, candidates are encouraged to showcase their journalistic skills by highlighting the innovative aspect of their research project and its short- or long-term benefits. Candidates should focus on the context behind their work and its expected outcomes. For example, they should demonstrate that their work:

  • Addresses needs or issues critical to society;
  • Differs from research efforts conducted elsewhere;
  • Could lead to the development or improvement of therapies, technologies, etc;
  • Makes good use of public funds;
  • Promotes cross-sectoral collaboration.

Candidates will have to produce a news release and prepare a pitch presentation of 1–2 minutes, supported by one (1) on-stage prop or a static slide, to capture the audience's attention. 

The amazing team of Agent Majeur, a science communication agency, trained the participants of the Valorization challenge during a workshop in March 2023.
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