Dec 02, 2021
From 4 PM to 5 PM

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Basic and Clinical Oncology Seminar (BCO)

Basic and Clinical Oncology Seminar (BCO)

The strange case of triple negative breast cancer.
Mark Basik, MD
Jewish General Hospital (JGH)
Lady Davis Institute (LDI), McGill University

Evolution of large copy number variants in breast cancer through genetic network rewiring. 
Elena Kuzmin, PhD
Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology
Concordia University

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About the speakers:
Dr. Mark Basik is a surgeon-scientist at the Jewish General Hospital (McGill University), where he practices breast cancer surgery and heads a laboratory at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research to study the causes of resistance to therapy in breast cancer as well as developing new diagnostic blood tests for breast cancer (PMID: 31515454 & 32895401). In addition to being involved in and leading different clinical studies, Dr. Basik has collaborated extensively with multiple basic researchers over the years. 

Dr. Kuzmin is a Canada Research Chair Tier II in Synthetic and Functional Genomics. She is an expert in the field of complex genetic interaction networks and evolution of large copy number variants in cancer. These discoveries, include mapping global trigenic interaction network in yeast and understanding the functional significance of large chromosomal deletions in triple negative breast cancer (PMID: 29674565, 32586993, 34590283).

The Basic and Clinical Oncology Seminar Series (BCO) is a joint initiative by the IRCM and LDI institutes in Montreal. These monthly seminars will feature a clinical (MD or MD/PhD) and a basic scientist (PhD) speaker, both working on the same cancer or theme. The goal is to create a dialogue between those at the bench and their peers at the bedside. The long-term goal is to initiate and expedite collaborations like sharing samples and exchanging expertise. Each seminar is made of two talks, each for 15 minutes and 5 minutes of questions. The remaining 10 minutes is for open discussion.


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