Feb 15, 2024
From 12 PM to 1 PM

Location 110, avenue des Pins OuestMontréal, QC, H2W 1R7Canada
ContactMariana Correro
Health Ethics Conference

Georgina Morley

Georgina Morley

Moral distress and strategies to build moral community in healthcare

This conference is part of the Montréal Health Ethics Lecture Series 2024. It will be held in English.

To attend the conference in person, no registration is required. Everyone is welcome!

To attend this Zoom event, please register by following this link.

To see past conferences: YouTube channel of the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit.

Summary of the presentation:
Moral distress is a pervasive phenomenon in healthcare and contributes to healthcare worker burnout, turnover and withdrawal from patient care. The COVID-19 pandemic further served to highlight the negative impact of moral distress. In this presentation, Dr. Morley will describe the empirical basis for the development and refinement of moral distress into 5 sub-categories and will argue that a broader approach to moral distress can help to build a foundation for a moral community. Dr. Morley will then provide strategies that healthcare professionals, teams and institutions can utilize to mitigate the negative effects of moral distress and strengthen their moral communities.


Ethics and organizational cultures in the healthcare sector


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