Sep 26, 2024
From 12 PM to 1 PM

Location 110, avenue des Pins OuestMontréal, QC, H2W 1R7Canada
ContactMariana Correro
Health Ethics Conference

Luc Bégin

Luc Bégin

Ethical risks and ethical culture

(Translated title)

Luc Bégin
Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at Université Laval
Director of Éthique publique

This conference is part of the Montréal Health Ethics Lecture Series 2024.

(This conference will be held in French)

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To see past conferences: YouTube channel of the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit.

Summary of the presentation:
In the field of organizational ethics, attention to organizational culture has become a necessity, particularly in order to better control and manage ethical risks. In academic literature, this is often referred to as the "ethical culture" to be promoted in organizations (Kaptein, 2009). But what do we mean by "ethical risks" and "ethical culture"? And how should we understand their relationship? We'll start by clarifying these basic concepts. We'll explain why we think it's more appropriate to speak of an "ethically aware culture", and why it's important to avoid reducing ethical risk analysis to questions of integrity alone. On this basis, we will look at the relationship between these concepts, as well as at the practices that should be implemented in health and social services organizations if they are taken seriously, beyond the rhetorical façade. 

Luc Bégin is a full professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at Université Laval, and was the first director of the university's Institut d'éthique appliquée (IDÉA), from 2004 to 2016. He has also been director of Éthique publique, an international journal of societal and governmental ethics, since 2010. He teaches, researches and publishes in the fields of public ethics, organizational ethics and professional ethics. He has taken part in several parliamentary commissions as an ethics expert, and has carried out numerous mandates as a consultant in this field, particularly for government agencies and professional orders. 


Ethics and organizational cultures in the healthcare sector


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