From May 27 to May 28 2023

Location IRCM110, avenue des Pins OuestMontréal, QC, H2W 1R7Canada
ContactSara Marullo, Project Cordinator(514) 987-5783

Science POP - Provincial Grand Final

Science POP - Provincial Grand Final

It is a meeting!
30 finalists
15 institutions across the Québec province
3 science communication challenges


Registrations to attend the competition in person are now closed.

The presentations will also be broadcast live and online to facilitate remote access to the event. If you wish to attend remotely, click HERE.

Science POP is a Quebec-wide scientific communication competition brought forward by the IRCM and supported by the FRQS with the mission of promoting dialogue between science and society.

The provincial grand finale of Science POP is open to everyone (general public, partners, anyone curious to know more about health sciences and research and of course the entire IRCM community).

All the information is available on the web page.

Our host: Chantal Srivastava

An experienced science communicator, Chantal Srivastava works as a journalist  on Radio-Canada's science show. Over the years, she has covered consumer affairs, the economy, national and international news, as well as science, health and the environment. As a national reporter, since 1999, she has been assigned to the science news and popularization program Les années Lumière, broadcast on Ici Première. Her work has been rewarded with national and international awards, both in radio and in print media (Photo credit: Radio-Canada).

(Crédit photo : Radio-Canada).


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Automatic consent
Photos will be taken during the event and certain moments will be filmed. By registering, you agree to appear on any audiovisual recording of the event. This material will be used for promotional and archival purposes. In particular, it could be used, in whole or in part, on our communication platforms (website, news, social networks, etc.).


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