A fruitful CanCURE meeting to exchange ideas

A fruitful CanCURE meeting to exchange ideas

On October 20 and 21, IRCM hosted the 8th annual meeting of the Consortium for HIV Cure Research (CanCURE). For the first time since the COVID pandemic, this meeting took place in a hybrid face-to-face and virtual format, with approximately 75 researchers, students and post-doctoral fellows meeting with representatives of the HIV community. Together, they were able to share the most recent findings in HIV control and research and to reflect on research priorities.

An activity involving community members and trainees took place, allowing trainees to get feedback on their knowledge translation skills from the perspective of their peers and community members.

CanCURE is led by Dr. Eric A. Cohen, Research Professor at IRCM and Director of the Human Retrovirology Research Unit.

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