New Committees for the ASSO

New Committees for the ASSO

From left to right: Samantha Boudreau, Hugo Ducuing, Clémence Schmitt, Jean-François Laurendeau, Djamouna Sihou, Maria Galipeau, Élie Lambert and Sneha Sukumaran.

Congratulations to the ASSO for its new committee members! The IRCM student and postdoctoral community met on October 6 to elect the members of its new executive committee and the subcommittees, who will represent them at the IRCM. This year, almost thirty of them, involved in fourteen IRCM labs, thus committed themselves to contribute to the vitality of their Institute!

As representatives of students and postdoctoral fellows, the members of the new Executive Committee and subcommittees will have the mandate to help maintain a warm, welcoming and conducing to learning environment for IRCM’s future scientists, notably by helping to organize social and training activities. The new Executive Committee will also be the voice of their peers within to the Institute's governing bodies, in order to contribute to the constant improvement of learning conditions and maintain a high-level training environment.

The IRCM community wishes them success!

Discover the newly elected members:

Executive Committee
President: Élie Lambert, Robert Lab
Vice President: Djamouna Sihou, Francis Lab
Treasurer: Sneha Sukumaran, Charron Lab

Communications officers: 
- Samantha Boudreau, Cayouette Lab
- Maria Galipeau, Estall Lab
- Jean-François Laurendeau, Sauvageau Lab

Representatives at the IRCM Management Committee: 
- Student Representative: Clémence Schmitt, Estall Lab
- Postdoctoral Fellows Representative: Hugo Ducuing, Charron Lab

ASSO’s Representatives at the IRCM Committees

at the Graduate Studies Committee:
- McGill University Student Representative: Luke Ajay David, Cayouette Lab
- UdeM Student Representative: Matheus Naegele Aranguren, Falcone Lab
- Postdoctoral Fellows Representative: Sara Luiza Banerjee, Kania Lab

at the Scientific Life Committee:
- Student Representative: Fatima Kassem, Cayouette Lab
- Postdoctoral Fellows Representative: Zekai Wu, Rabasa-Lhoret Lab

at the IRCM Mental Health Committee: Sarah Hales,Cayouette Lab 
at the IRCM EDI Committee: Fatima Kassem, Cayouette Lab
Liaison at the IRCM Foundation: Mathieu Joseph, Hipfner Lab
Liaison at the Science POP Contest: Rebecca Cusseddu, Côté Lab

Events committees 

Interlab Committee: 
- Luke Ajay David, Cayouette Lab
- Dennis Drewnik,Charron Lab
- Camille Michaud, Cayouette Lab
- Bhadra Pattanayak, Côté Lab

Career Committee: 
- Luke Ajay David, Cayouette Lab
- Camille Michaud, Cayouette Lab
- Sophie Mockly, Sauvageau Lab
- Nanu Pal, Francis Lab

Social Events Committee: 
- Gilberto Duran Bishop, Malleshaiah Lab
- Dennis Drewnik, Charron Lab
- Elena Goretti, Sauvageau Lab
- Noé Guilloy, Lécuyer Lab
- Solène Huck, Guindon Lab

Health and Well-Being Committee: 
- Alehandra Desjardins, Falcone Lab
- Tim Gemeinhardt, Francis Lab
- Sarah Hales, Cayouette Lab
- Bhadra Pattanayak, Côté Lab
- Clémence Schmitt, Estall Lab

Sports and Leisure Committee: 
- Thais Souza Cunha, Robert Lab
- Tim Gemeinhardt, Francis Lab
- Nanu Pal, Francis Lab

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