Dr. Simon-Pierre Guay - A unifying fellow, lasting ties built with IRCM

Dr. Simon-Pierre Guay - A unifying fellow, lasting ties built with IRCM

Dr. Simon-Pierre Guay has just completed his fellowship at the IRCM. This dyslipidemia specialist has integrated gracefully and effectively into our clinic and Dr. Alexis Baass' team.

Dr. Baass, who supervised him, is quick to say:

Simon-Pierre has always shown dynamism and initiative in developing clinical tools for the benefit of patients. What's more, his vast expertise in genetics has been a major asset to both clinical and research activities. Dr. Guay has led several research projects that have resulted in the publication of manuscripts. The entire IRCM team has greatly appreciated working with Dr. Simon-Pierre Guay. We wish him every success in his new job as a medical geneticist at the CHUS, and hope to continue collaborating with him in both clinical and research areas.

At the time of his departure, this engaging colleague agreed to share a few thoughts on his experience with us:

Q: Dr. Simon-Pierre Guay, what did you learn from your time at the IRCM?

A: My postdoctoral fellowship enabled me to learn more about the diagnosis and management of common and rare genetic dyslipidemias, thanks to the extraordinary expertise of the members of the Lipids, Nutrition and Cardiovascular Prevention Clinic.

I also remember the importance of individualized, multidisciplinary care (nurse, nutritionist, genetic counsellor) - we're incredibly lucky at the IRCM to have a multidisciplinary team for complete patient management.

Q: And what did you appreciate most?

A: The great team spirit that exists between all the members of the Lipid Clinic. The integration between the clinic and research, too, which is omnipresent at the IRCM to ensure the best care for the patient.

I also note the support of the entire team in setting up knowledge transfer and patient outreach projects.

And finally, the high-quality work environment and supervision provided by Dr Alexis Baass and Martine Paquette.

During my postdoctoral internship, I met some wonderful people who, each in their own way, passed on to me their passion for the clinic and research. I'm sure I'll come out a better doctor for it!

A huge thank you to you all - and I hope that the outcome of this stage does not mean the end of our collaboration. This is not a "goodbye" but rather a "see you soon".

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