Early-Career Scientist Symposium: a must-attend event for young scientists

Early-Career Scientist Symposium: a must-attend event for young scientists

Enabling talented young scientists to develop and orient their careers in the most harmonious and effective way is at the heart of IRCM's mission. The Scientists-in-Training Symposium, which will be held on May 5 at the Institute in a hybrid format, is a product of this mission. We are pleased to invite you to attend.

To the origins

In October 2021, IRCM launched a call for applications for the Early-Career Scientists Seminar Series (ECS3), an innovative competitive initiative for young researchers from around the world. It was a great success, as nearly 150 scientists, mostly at the end of their PhD or postdoctoral training, responded and took the chance to be hosted at IRCM to exchange with our community, all expenses paid.

Two exciting days, future prospects

With an exceptional crop of emerging talent, IRCM presents the Early-Career Scientist Symposium. In a format that is both convivial and conducive to emulation, nine students in the final stages of their doctoral studies will give a 30-minute seminar to present their work. This exciting day will be followed the next day by meetings with IRCM researchers working in complementary fields - an opportunity to explore long-lasting scientific affinities that could eventually lead to an internship or a stay at IRCM to continue their training.

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