The IRCM Foundation Awards $385,000 in Excellence Scholarships to Future Scientists

The IRCM Foundation Awards $385,000 in Excellence Scholarships to Future Scientists

The IRCM Foundation’s annual Recognition Ceremony held on February 13, 2024, was the occasion to award excellence scholarships to up-and-coming researchers in training at the Institute, and a great opportunity to highlight emerging talent in science.

Thanks to the IRCM Foundation and the support of its many partners, 30 scholarships worth a total of $385,000 were awarded to research students. These scholarships are intended to support the training of the next generation of high-performance scientists, selected following a rigorous process based on the quality of their research and the excellence of their academic record.

Partners, donors, administrators and members of the internal community came together to salute the excellence of the research carried out by students at the Institute, and to underline voice the invaluable contribution of all the Foundation's contributors.

"Our recognition ceremony is an opportunity to nurture the young talents who will grow into the excellent scientists of tomorrow, and a key moment to express our gratitude to our donors," said Marie-Bénédicte Pretty, Executive Director at the IRCM Foundation.

By providing this important financial support to students, the Foundation is directly contributing to the educational mission of the IRCM, which for over 50 years has been a key player in the training of the next generation of scientists in Quebec.

"This evening of recognition has a special meaning for us, because as scientists, we know how central the next generation of scientists is to the scientific advances of today and tomorrow. We congratulate each recipient and wish them every success in the future," said Dr. Michel Cayouette, Vice-President, Research and Academic Affairs at IRCM.


Discover the 2023-2024 scholarship recipients:

IRCM Challenge Scholarships

  • RBC - Michael Slattery 
  • Infrastructel Team - Samantha Boudreau
  • Anti-diabetic Agents Team - Nicolas Chofflet
  • GGG Team - Janaína da Silva 
  • Summer internships - Kalista Lam, Juliette Durocher, Marianne Langlois, Jana Mahmoud, Jiayu Dou, Mohammed Kehili

RBC - IA Health Scholarships

  • Noé Guilloy
  • Easin Uddin Syed

Banque Nationale - MCM Program Scholarships

  • Maya Lynn Munzer
  • Idia Boncheva
  • Ziqi Zhang
  • Andrew Issa
  • Samuel de la Barrera

Jean-Coutu Scholarships

  • Kim Doyon-Laliberté
  • Ana Novačić

Nominative Scholarships - Partners and Donors 

  • Dubo électrique - Nikoletta Diamantopoulos
  • Biron Groupe Santé - Ying Deng
  • ABB - Dennis Drewnik
  • Schneider Electric - Elena Goretti
  • Desjardins Capital - Sarah Hales
  • Robert and Étienne Rivard - Fatima Kassem
  • Francine and Louis Gilles-Durand - Sneha Sukumaran

Nominative Scholarships – Tribute

  • Jacques-Gauthier - Camille Michaud
  • Michel-Bélanger - Jana Ridani
  • Emmanuel-Triassi - Kavindu Puwakdandawa
  • Angelo-Pizzagalli - Noémie Vilallongue
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