IRCM Research Week 2020: A lively community!

IRCM Research Week 2020: A lively community!

Even in the midst of a pandemic, the IRCM scientific community refuses to give up. The Institute’s traditional Research Forum, became a Research Week, which took place in virtual mode due to distancing measures linked to the pandemic, on October 27, 28 and 29.
While doubts about the success of this unusual formula were real, they quickly dissipated. In fact, it is with enthusiasm that the researchers, students and postdoctoral fellows who make up the IRCM’s internal community have come together to share the state of their innovative work and the exceptional quality of their research. 
They were almost 60 to present their work by poster or orally, with humour, dynamism and creativity. Moreover, starting on the first day, more than a hundred IRCM community members showed their interest by visiting virtual platforms to learn about the work of their colleagues.
“We are proud of the response from the community. This shows that at the IRCM, vibrant, innovative and excellent research remains the primary motivation of our community, despite the circumstances, ”said Eric Racine, Associate Vice-President, Scientific Activities at the Institute.
At the end of the three days, 34 prizes totalling $ 9,000 were awarded to students who stood out for the quality of their presentation. Congratulations to the winners:  

1st prizes: 
Sophie Ehresmann
Joanna Li
Nursen Balekoglu
2nd prize: 
Farin B. Bourojeni
Husam Khaled
Nicolas Chofflet

1st prizes: 
Sarah Nahlé
Kevin Guo
Mariko Witalis
Maria Galipeau

2nd prizes: 
Robert Brian Roome
Mathieu Joseph
Céline Schott
Rebecca Cusseddu
3rd prizes: 
Élie Lambert
Vincent Panneton

1st prizes: 
Amaryllis Ferrand
Viviane Tran
Marie-Lorna Paul

2nd prizes: 
Esen Sokullu
Sushmetha Ananthanarayanan Mohan
Chia-Lun Wu

3rd prizes: 
Marie-Anne Goyette
Pardis Behzadi
Nicolas Bellini


Thomas Brown
Viviane Tran
Rebecca Cusseddu

Ryhem Gam
Sarah Nahlé
Ashley Chin
Marjorie Aleman
Rebecca Cusseddu 
Joanna Li
Special thanks to the organizing committee, presenters, judges, moderators, donors and participants for contributing to this success.

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