Nursing Profession Week 2024

Nursing Profession Week 2024

Pushing the boundaries of innovation and dedication, from past and present

The act of caring has been at the heart of our humanity since the dawn of time. It is also at the heart of the nursing practice, as nurses’ broad and complex skills have evolved over time, throughout the modernization of medicine.

This crucial profession was gradually forged, often empirically, around key factors such as wars and society's evolving needs in healthcare, but also around humanistic reflections. In Quebec, the work of nursing nuns, who also acted as pioneers and founders, is of immeasurable value. 

From yesterday to today, so many changes have occurred in the nursing practice! For the 31st edition of Nursing Profession Week, we had a moving thought for the IRCM's very first nurse, Mrs. Fernande Salvail. We asked our newest IRCM recruit of the profession, research nurse Sébastien Duchesne who works on Dr. Alexis Baass' team, to reflect on how far we've come:

‘’I believe that the story of Fernande Salvail and other pioneers reminds us of the importance of innovation and courage. Their determination to push boundaries paved the way for new possibilities and significant advances in our field. We can celebrate their achievements as we look to the future.’’

‘’As a new clinical research nurse at the IRCM, I also feel a responsibility to continue to advance our profession. Technological advances, new research methods and discoveries continue to transform our understanding and practice. This is both stimulating and demanding, as it means we must constantly remain informed, adapt and evolve with the field. This week we celebrate the essential contribution of the nursing profession and the pride we take in making a difference in our community.’’

Thank you, Sébastien, and all the members of your profession, for providing care and contributing to cutting-edge research!

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