Promotions and renewals

Promotions and renewals

The IRCM management is pleased to announce the following promotions within its research teams:

  • Dr. Emilia Liana Falcone is promoted to IRCM Research Associate Professor;
  • Dr. Nicole Francis is promoted to IRCM Research Full Professor;
  • Dr. Mathieu Ferron is promoted to IRCM Research Professor.

Senior research associates :

  • Dr. Patricia Yam (Dr Charron lab)
  • Dr. Julie Lacombe (Dr Ferron lab)

Congratulations to these researchers for their hard work in advancing knowledge!

Renewed as Emeritus Research Professors :

  • Dr Michel Chrétien
  • Dr Paul Jolicoeur
  • Dr Peter Schiller

The title of Emeritus Professor recognizes the sustained contribution of scientific pillars of the IRCM, who, as guardians of science and promoters of outreach, continue to work with us.

These promotions reflect the excellent work of these dedicated scientists and their commitment to the IRCM. Warm congratulations!

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