Research on Psychological Distress: We Need You

Research on Psychological Distress: We Need You

The goal of the IRCM's ethics research is to better understand the problems that patients experience within the health care system, in order to better correct them.

Dr. Eric Racine, a bioethics researcher at the IRCM, is currently conducting a participatory action research project on psychological distress among patients at the IRCM clinic. This research aims to better understand this phenomenon, and then to think about solutions and help implement them within the clinic. This is a research project in which participants play an active role in understanding the phenomenon being studied and in developing solutions.

For this study, the research team is currently recruiting people who are being followed at the IRCM clinic. Participation consists of sharing your opinion on this topic through individual interviews and short surveys. This will require no more than 1 hour per month of your time for four four-month phases. The research will be conducted in person at the IRCM or by telephone, at your convenience. Compensation commensurate with the length of participation will be offered to those who participate.

If you are interested in participating in this project, we invite you to complete this short questionnaire. (in French only)

Please note that this study is not a form of psychological support, but rather is intended to help develop support for patients in the clinic. Furthermore, participation in this research is voluntary and will not affect your follow-up in the clinic.

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