The ASSO has a new executive committee

The ASSO has a new executive committee

The IRCM student association, called the ASSO, recently held its annual meeting and appointed its new committee for the year 2020-2021. 
Despite pandemic circumstances limiting possibilities for gatherings, new president Ashley Chin has plenty of plans. “ In fact, we are all only distanced by the click of a few buttons!” she said with optimism. “In order to broaden our scientific horizon and our careers, as we’re strengthening our relationships among members of the IRCM, we hope to organize both scientific and social events throughout the year, while respecting public health guidelines. Since everyone is already online, we hope to leverage the current digital environment to bring in unique speakers to further increase our knowledge.”
The ASSO is a gathering place that promotes the social, cultural and educational development of IRCM students. It is the ideal place for students to discuss their common reality, the difficulties they face and the opportunities to improve their learning conditions. The IRCM supports the ASSO through the association’s events and through student scholarships.
The new executive committee members are:

  • President: Ashley Chin
  • Vice-president: Thomas Brown
  • Treasurer: Lucia Gabrielli
  • Communication Team: Vincent Penneton, Joanna Li, Antoine Bouchard and Elie Lambert
  • Liaison with the IRCM Foundation: Celine Schott

The members of other committees are:

Scientific life
Sophie Ehresmann, Marion Lacroix and Sarah Nahle
Happy Hour 
Sophie Ehresmann, Jean-François Laurendeau and Marion Lacroix
Student Wellness
Thomas Brown, Priyanka Prabhala and Virginie Bascunana
Antoine Bouchard, Alehandra Desjardins, Laura Quirion and Emma Darbinian
The IRCM community thanks all students who are involved and wishes them a great experience with ASSO.
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