The Foundation creates the Alain Fontaine Research Chair in Cancer

The Foundation creates the Alain Fontaine Research Chair in Cancer

It was on October 29, that the official ceremony was held highlighting the creation of the IRCM Foundation’s Alain Fontaine Cancer Research Chair, aimed at supporting cutting-edge research on cancer conducted within the Institute.

Created in tribute to Alain Fontaine, a great ally of the IRCM Foundation and former Chief Financial Officer at Guillevin International, this philanthropic initiative is a way of continuing his commitment to cutting-edge research. Alain Fondaine passed away prematurely in 2021, after a long struggle with cancer. He had been a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors since 2016 and was involved in various committees. His contribution to the Institution is undeniable, thanks to his advice, support and generosity. It is to pay tribute to the memory of this great man that Guillevin International contributed to the creation of the Alain Fontaine Research Chair in Cancer, by donating $ 500,000 to the IRCM Foundation, which was complemented by a donation of $ 150 000 from the Yvan Morin Foundation.

Moving forward, the Alain Fontaine Research Chair will support the work carried out in the laboratory of Jean-François Côté, President and interim Scientific Director of the IRCM, and Director of the Director, Cytoskeletal Organization and Cell Migration Research Unit. “This support will go a long way in furthering our promising cancer work and help improve therapies. We are honored,” said Jean-François Côté.

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