The IRCM Foundation awards $418,500 in scholarships

The IRCM Foundation awards $418,500 in scholarships

Thanks to the contributions of its generous donors, the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) Foundation has awarded 37 scholarships to masters and PhD students as well as to postdoctoral fellows. Totaling $418,500, these scholarships were awarded through the IRCM Foundation's annual scholarship competition.

Nominees were selected by committees of researchers from external institutions, who evaluated the applications submitted following the 2019 internal scholarship competition. The recipients of the Bombardier-Molson scholarships in Molecular and Cellular Medicine were recruited by a committee of IRCM researchers.

Congratulations to the winners!


Summer internships

IRCM scholarships for young researchers

Diana Berry, supervised by Marie Trudel
Jonathan Broadbent, supervised by David Hipfner
Nicolas Chofflet, supervised by Hideto Takahashi
Iveta Demirova, supervised by Jacques Drouin
Thaninna Hamadou, supervised by Tarik Möröy
Amy Ker, supervised by Artur Kania
Alice Jisoo Nam, supervised by André Veillette
Miguel Alfonso Principe, supervised by Éric A. Cohen
Albert Stancescu, supervised by Woong-Kyung Suh
Matthew Valiquette, supervised by Eric Racine


Master's scholarships

Angelo-Pizzagalli scholarship

Jean-François Laurendeau, supervised by Martin Sauvageau
XinYing Zhang, supervised by Artur Kania

Bombardier-Molson scholarships in Molecular and Cellular Medicine

Antoine Bouchard
Emma Darbinian 
Murooj Ghanem 
Nikhil Gnanavel 
Laura Quirion 
Shu Hui Wong 

IRCM Challenge scholarships

Marjorie Aleman, supervised by Francois Robert
Fanny Guérard-Millet, supervised by Marie Kmita

Manuvie scholarship

Alexandre Laliberté, supervised by Éric A. Cohen

Michel-Bélanger scholarship

Yasser C. Bouklouch, supervised by Woong-Kyung Suh

TD scholarship

Sarah Hales, supervised by Michel Cayouette


Doctoral scholarships

Angelo-Pizzagalli scholarships

Nursen Balekoglu, supervised by Frédéric Charron
Kevin Guo, supervised by Mathieu Ferron

CAL Construction scholarship

Vatsal Sachan, supervised by Nabil Seidah 

Challenge IRCM scholarships

Sophie Ehresmann, supervised by Martin Sauvageau
Noé Seija, supervised by Javier Di Noia

Emmanuel-Triassi scholarship

Hussam Khaled, supervised by Hideto Takahashi

Guépards et Gazelles Gourmands scholarship

Céline Schott, supervised by Mathieu Ferron

Jacques-Gauthier scholarship

Cristian Galindo, supervised by André Veillette

Transat scholarship

Sushmetha Mohan, supervised by Frédéric Charron


Postdoctoral scholarships

Jean-Coutu scholarships

Kaifee M. Arman, supervised by Tarik Möröy
Ines Desanlis, supervised by Marie Kmita
Jaspreet Jain, supervised by Éric A. Cohen
Ariane Larouche, supervised by Javier Di Noia
Ali Ouadda Ben Djoudi, supervised by Nabil Seidah

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