The IRCM Foundation celebrates the generosity of its donors

The IRCM Foundation celebrates the generosity of its donors

The Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) Foundation held its annual recognition cocktail on October 17 to pay tribute to its donors. Thanks to their generosity, the Foundation was able to contribute $1,630,080 to the Institute in 2018-2019. 

“The commitment of our donors to medical research is vital,” said André Couillard, President of the IRCM Foundation. “We are very grateful for their support. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Fundraising Event Ambassador Committees and Future Leaders Committee, along with our volunteers and our partners, who make the Foundation's achievements possible.”

During the event, 37 scholarships were also awarded to IRCM students who have stood out by the excellence of their academic record.
“Investing in the next generation of scientists by offering scholarships is crucial,” said Max Fehlmann, President and Scientific Director of the Institute. “These students will become the researchers of tomorrow, those who will discover treatments for diseases that have, until now, been incurable, improving health care. By supporting them, we ensure that research can have the greatest impact on our society.”

The IRCM Foundation also presented the winners of the 2019 In-House Fund for Excellence awards, which honours members of the Institute's internal community who have distinguished themselves by their contribution to the IRCM’s outreach to various audiences:

Pierre-Bois Award

Jennifer Estall, Director of the Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes Research Unit

André-Barbeau Award

Awais Javed, PhD student at the Cellular Neurobiology Research Unit

Vincent-Castellucci Award

Claude Martel, Team Leader, Animal Care Attendants
Odile Neyret, Manager of the Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics Core Facility

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