The IRCM Foundation pays tribute to its donors

The IRCM Foundation pays tribute to its donors

The Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) Foundation held its traditional recognition cocktail on October 24 to highlight the generosity of its donors, thanks to which $2.1M were donated to the Institute in 2017-2018.

“We would like to thank donors for their essential commitment to biomedical research,” said André Couillard, President of the IRCM Foundation. 'We would also like to acknowledge the outstanding work the Foundation’s Board of Directors, the ambassador committees’ fundraising events, the Future Leaders Committee, our volunteers, and our partners, who make the Foundation's achievements possible.”

During the evening, 36 scholarships were also awarded to IRCM students who distinguished themselves by the excellence of their academic record.
“Biomedical research being a highly competitive environment, the IRCM Foundation grants can represent a first milestone in the careers of our students,” said Tarik Möröy, President and Scientific Director of the IRCM. “They are an opportunity to demonstrate their talent and potential to other granting agencies, thus paving the way for future financial support to develop their research careers.”

Additionally, the IRCM Foundation presented the winners of the 2018 In-House Fund for Excellence awards, which recognize members of the Institute's internal community who have distinguished themselves by their contribution to the IRCM’s outreach to various audiences:

  • André-Barbeau Excellence Award: Shannon Swikert, PhD student
  • Pierre-Bois Excellence Award: Julie Lacombe, Research Associate of the Integrative and Molecular Physiology Research Unit 
  • Vincent-Castellucci Excellence Award: Dominic Filion, Manager of the Microscopy Core Facility, and Ovidiu Jumanca, Director of Animal Facilities and Animal Health
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