The IRCM Student Association presents its new executive committee

The IRCM Student Association presents its new executive committee

On October 2, the IRCM Student Association held its Annual General Meeting. On this occasion, students and postdoctoral fellows elected its executive committee and created its committees for 2018-2019.

The mandate of the IRCM Student Association is to bring students together and foster relationships with other community members at the IRCM. To this end, we organize scientific and social activities in order to promote a great working environment. The association also represents students within official committees of the Institute and provides a link to other student groups at Université de Montréal and McGill University.

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Executive Committee

President: Awais Javed
Vice President: Michel Fries
Treasurers: Julie Cruanes, Arturo Papaluca
Communications: Vincent Panneton, Mariko Witalis
Scientific Life Committee Representatives: Juan-Carlos Padilla, Neera Sriskandarajah 

IRCM Foundation Student Representative: Sabrina Schlienger



Career Day 
Camille Latour, Joanna Li, Mariko Witalis

Interlab Club
Rebecca Cusseddu, Michael Housset, Joanna Li, Vatsal Sachan, Mariko Witalis

Happy hour
Thomas Brown, Ko Currie, Maude Vinette

Holidays Party
Heather Keightly, Shannon Swikert, Maude Vinette

Sports, BBQ and Volleyball Tournament
Camille Boudreau-Pinsonneault, Michel Fries, Heather Keightly, Sabrina Schlienger, Shannon Swikert

Wine and Cheese
Virginie Bascunana, Julie Cruanes, Rebecca Cusseddu, Carine Delliaux, Shannon Swikert

Student Wellness
Virginie Bascunana, Daniel Scott, Neera Sriskandarajah 

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