The IRCM's Expertise Broaden with New Cutting-Edge Laboratory

The IRCM's Expertise Broaden with New Cutting-Edge Laboratory

Stem Cell derived pancreas Specialist Yasaman Aghazadeh Will Work on Cell Therapies in Diabetes

The IRCM is proud to announce the arrival in its ranks of Dr. Yasaman Aghazadeh, as assistant research professor. Dr. Aghazadeh will lead a new research laboratory dedicated to the study of beta cells and to the development of cell therapies for type 1 diabetes.

As shown by her solid academic background and excellent publication record in prestigious scientific journals, Dr. Aghazadeh’s work holds the potential to revolutionize therapies in diabetes: developing pancreatic cell transplants created from stem cells to replace the insulin-producing cells in patients that lack them, thus eliminating the need for insulin injections. This option that could be a true gamechanger for those living with the disease.

This highly promising new field of study that the young researcher brings to the IRCM will perfectly fit in the Institute’s "Centre for Cardiometabolic Health". Dr. Aghazadeh will work closely with renowned researchers such as Drs. Jennifer Estall and Mathieu Ferron, to study the principles of the development and cure for diabetes. She will also contribute to the clinical research on type 1 diabetes and work closely with Dr. Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret’s team in the development of beta cell replacement therapies. 

For the IRCM, which is home to one of the largest type 1 diabetes clinics in Canada, and to the BETTER Registery - the Canadian Type 1 Diabetes Registry- this complementary expertise will help advance research on a disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Moreover, with its unique biobanks, the Institute offers ideal conditions to foster the development of Dr. Aghazadeh's research program and collaborations with the IRCM Diabetes Clinic.

“Our Institute’s mission is to conduct excellent in biomedical research which promises to ultimately save lives. Making room within our walls for talented young researchers to develop promising new fields of study is at the heart of our mission”, said Dr. Jean-François Côté, President and Scientific Director of the IRCM.

“It is with enthusiasm that I join the IRCM to set up my first research laboratory as an independent researcher. IRCM is a rich and diverse research environment and is home to world-renowned islet biologists and physicians. I look forward to launching my independent career there in Spring 2023”, said Dr. Aghazadeh.

About Dr. Yasaman Aghazadeh
Native to Iran, Dr. Aghazadeh obtained her B.Sc. in Cell Biology from the University of Tehran, and her Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine at the McGill University. She completed a productive postdoctoral fellowship at the McEwen Stem Cell Institute, University Health Network, Toronto, where she used regenerative medicine approaches to reverse type 1 diabetes in experimental models. By modelling the islet vascular niche adjacent to the stem cells-derived pancreatic cells she has, among other things, created the ideal conditions for graft survival and optimal insulin secretion to treat the disease. She is currently a research associate advancing her studies in regenerative medicine at the Donnelly Centre in Toronto.

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