Role of T cell costimulatory molecules in immune regulation

Summary of responsibilities

The Immune Regulation Research Unit is looking to recruit candidates to study the role of T cell costimulatory molecules in immune regulation using knock-out, knock-in, and transgenic mice. Possible research projects are as follows:

  • Dissection of signal transduction pathways to understand the synergistic effects of CD28 and ICOS
  • Investigation of the molecular bases of memory vs. anergic T cells using phosphoflow and ChIP-chip technologies
  • Searching for genes involved in regulatory T cell development using a medium-throughput screening protocol

Job requirements

  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in immunolgy/microbiology/virology, biochemistry, or molecular biology
  • Excellent GPA
  • Lab experience optional

To apply

Forward resume with two reference letters to the Research Unit Director


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