Synapse Development and Plasticity

Summary of responsibilities

The Synapse Development and Plasticity Research Unit is seeking one or two candidates wishing to pursue graduate studies (M.Sc. or PhD) in the research field of synapse development and plasticity in the brain. The research unit objective is to characterize the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the development and plasticity of chemical synapses (neuron-neuron adhesion sites) in the brain using combined approaches of cell biology, molecular biology, fluorescent imaging, biochemistry, proteomics, mouse genetics and electrophysiology.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree with a very good grade point average
  • Experience in molecular biology, cell biology or biochemistry
  • Experience in electrophysiology - patch-clamp recording (an asset)

To apply

Please submit your resume with a cover letter and contact information for two referees to the Research Unit Director

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