Study aiming at reducing the risk of diabetes using omega-3 fish oil

Helping advance scientific knowledge on disease while benefiting from a medical examination, does that appeal to you? Indeed, the IRCM clinic is inviting adult Canadians to benefit from a clinical study aiming at preventing type 2 diabetes. The study examines the effects of 6-months supplementation with omega-3, which is a natural oil found in fish and sea products, in treating newly discovered risk factors for type 2 diabetes in humans. If qualified for the study, participants will benefit from a comprehensive medical examination consisting of specialized tests that are only available in clinical research setting. They will obtain detailed analyses of their body composition (bone density and percent of body fat and muscle) and information related to their health including the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. All tests and supplementation are covered by the research project. Note that participants will receive a financial compensation up to $500 for the time and expenses related to this study. 

The study is under the supervision of Dr. May Faraj, professor of nutrition at the University of Montreal (UdeM), and director of the research unit on nutrition, lipoproteins and cardiometabolic diseases at IRCM.

Inclusion criteria

  • Men; aged 45 to 74 years
  • Women; aged 45 to 74 years with menopause and without hormone therapy replacement
  • Having excess body weight
  • Being non-smoker
  • Not having diabetes or heart disease
  • Having normal blood cholesterol without the use of medication
  • Being available for the duration of the study (10 visits over the span of 33 weeks, including 4 full-day visits at IRCM)

This study is supported by Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and is registered online at


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